This $15 Surface Cleaner Is Like a “Spa Treatment” for My Home

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As much as I love trying out a variety of cleaning products, finding the space to fit them all is certainly a challenge. Beyond that, it’s harmful and wasteful to own so many single-use plastic items which ultimately fills me with both guilt and a motivation to find alternative solutions. After finally using up the last of my all-purpose cleaner, I decided to return to one of the products I discovered a couple of years ago from a natural and sustainable brand. 

Why I Love the Everneat Surface Cleaner

Once I sprayed it on my kitchen counters, I fell in love with its spa-like scent and non-greasy, non-toxic formula. Best of all, it came in a glass bottle (with options to buy refills later on), which meant I could drastically reduce my plastic consumption. 

Plus, the bottle has a lightly frosted look and minimal text, which makes it look nice enough to leave out on the counters. Additionally, this cleaner is a blend of essential oils and probiotics, which are essentially good bacteria that keep on working even after application.

I’ve used this cleaner mainly in the kitchen, but it also works wonders on other surfaces in my home including my wooden kitchen table, the glass top of my vanity, and my husband’s desk. On wood, I use a soft, dry knit cloth; on glass, I use a paper towel; and on my kitchen counters, I use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Regardless of the surface, this cleaner leaves each area spotless, shiny, and with a refreshing scent that lingers pleasantly.

The Everneat Surface Cleaner is available in three scents: purify (my personal favorite), a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree essential oils; lift, a blend of rosemary, lemon, and lemongrass essential oils; and unscented, which is just the probiotics with no essential oils added. 

Whichever scent you prefer, and whatever surface you use this cleaner on, you’ll not only be impressed with its cleaning power, but also feel good about giving your home the little spa treatment it deserves.

Buy: Everneat Surface Cleaner, $14.99

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