Twisted Paper Ribbon Vase DIY & Bonus Idea

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Here are two creative home decor ideas to do when decorating your home for fall. They can be done by using up craft supplies you may have leftover from a previous DIY crafts and projects.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I am keeping my fall decor simple and natural this year. Fall is my favorite season so I still want to enjoy all the fall colors and textures in my house, but in a less cluttered way without the need for seasonal items that have to be stored once the season is over.

Pink hydrangeas on a kitchen counter
My kitchen counter short glass vase – 8-1/2″ tall and wide.

When I was thinking about a way to add some fall color to my kitchen, I wanted to add fresh flowers and brought out this short glass vase. I only have 16 inches of clearance between the counter and bottom of the cabinets so I was thrilled to find it. All of my other Fall Flower Vases are taller.

I found it at Target a few years ago now. I checked to see if it was still available, but no longer is. If you like this style vase, I did find this glass vase that is similar and 1-inch smaller in height and diameter than mine.

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