This “Pretty” $18 Trader Joe’s Plant Find Is So Gorgeous for Spring

This “Pretty” $18 Trader Joe’s Plant Find Is So Gorgeous for Spring


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As any avid Trader Joe’s shopper knows, the retailer isn’t just good for groceries — it’s also a great source for eye-catching, one-of-a-kind plants, too. And if you’re craving an end to winter, you’ll definitely want to add the retailer’s newest offering to your home jungle. 

Instagram content creator @trader.joes.plants shared that Trader Joe’s is selling Stephanotis Floribunda, better known as Madagascar Jasmine, in a recent post on Feb. 13, writing, “Stephanotis Floribunda, or Madagascar Jasmine with a hoop arch. I have never seen these before and they are so delicate and pretty! They have fragrant blooms and prefer a warmer, moist environment with lots of morning sunlight.” 

Trader Joe’s is also upping the ante by selling the plant in a gorgeous hoop arch for easy display.

And shoppers will be grateful for the arch, too, because the Madagascar Jasmine plant is a climber and can grow up to over 20 feet long, according to the North Carolina Extension Gardener plant toolbox. When well cared for, the plant can also produce white, trumpet-shaped blooms year-round, which are popular in bridal bouquets.

According to Trader Joe’s official care instructions (as captured in @trader.joes.plants’ post), you should make sure to place your Madagascar Jasmine plant in the brightest indirect light possible and ensure that it gets late afternoon shade in the summer. Make sure to maintain even soil moisture and ensure proper drainage, watering once the top inch of soil becomes slightly dry (once per week is a good rule of thumb). In terms of temperature, maintain a temperature between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, misting the plant occasionally and fertilizing it roughly every two weeks.

For only $17.99, you can add a stunning tropical arch to your home in preparation for spring.


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