This “So Cute” $25 Trader Joe’s Plant Find Is a Must-Have for Spring

This “So Cute” $25 Trader Joe’s Plant Find Is a Must-Have for Spring


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Trader Joe’s absolutely knocks it out of the park when it comes to mini succulent planters and fresh flower bouquets. But did you know that Trader Joe’s also has an incredible selection of larger potted houseplants, too? One shopper just picked up a beautiful $25 Aralia Fabian stump plant from Trader Joe’s and, if your TJ’s has these in stock, trust me when I tell you this plant is about to become the star of your houseplant collection.

“Love my latest plant from TJ’s,” Shannon from the Trader Joe’s So Obsessed Instagram account wrote in her caption. “ Aralia Fabian Stump! Great price too, $24.99!”

And to be even more specific, Trader Joe’s is actually marketing these as jumbo Aralia Fabians, which makes this whole deal even sweeter.

Aralia Fabian stumps are indoor tropical shrubs that can grow up to 3 or 4 feet tall. The plants like a good amount of direct sunlight and prefer to be kept in warmer environments. If your Aralia Fabian gets too cold, you may see it start to lose its leaves. 

When your Aaralia Fabian needs watering, it will begin to wilt, and to avoid wilting, you can water your plant as soon as the top layer of soil is dry. Because it’s tropical, it’s used to damp climates — but don’t oversaturate the soil or else its roots may start to rot.

Aralia Fabians are plants toxic to pets and can cause skin rashes or upset stomachs in both dogs and cats if ingested. So if you have a nibbler at home, make sure to keep this plant out of their reach.

Head to your nearest Trader Joe’s to see if Aralia Fabian stumps are in stock and pick one up to add something different to your TJ’s plant collection!


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