The Colourful Family Home Of Fenton & Fenton Owner, Lucy Fenton!

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Believe it or not, when Lucy Fenton, owner of Fenton & Fenton, and her husband Josh Markey, purchased this Malvern home four years ago, she described the property as ‘a little lacklustre’… Clearly, this is no longer the case! 

Despite not making any structural changes to the property since moving in, Lucy has placed her distinct stamp on the home through cosmetic tweaks, vibrant furnishings and homewares, and plenty of colour! ‘We had the floors sanded back to a blonde finish – they were previously a dark walnut stain,’ says Lucy, describing one of the most significant updates made. ‘We also replaced the carpet and repainted throughout. The house was all white inside and we wanted to bring it to life. We started with paint!

A different paint colour has been chosen for almost every room to facilitate various moods. The sophisticated dark grey shade with blue undertones in the front room lends this space a formal atmosphere, while the peachy main bedroom inspires a sense of fun and optimism. ‘Colour is everything in our house,’ Lucy says. ‘It makes the house feel more cosy and each room feels really inviting.’ The main living rooms are painted in Dulux Natural White, creating an ideal contrast between the quieter and communal spaces. ‘We love being able to enjoy the best of both worlds,’ Lucy says. 

There’s also plenty of colour on show in the furnishings of this home – and an ever changing display of art and homewares! The majority of the items are sourced via Lucy’s own store (please note the extensive credits in the image captions!) along with an eclectic assortment of pieces collected on travels. ‘Choosing what comes home from the store is an ongoing battle,’ Lucy says. ‘There are so many more pieces I would have loved to have kept over the years, but by doing regular rearrangements, I can usually find the perfect spot for most things I really fall in love with!’

This is a family home first and foremost, and Lucy hopes this is reflected in its style and feel. While thoroughly stylish, the house retains plenty of space for Pepa (7) and Woody (4) to ride their scooters down the hallway, spread Lego across the floor, and play in the backyard. ‘It feels like our sanctuary away from the mayhem. It is just a really comfortable family home.’ Lucy says, ‘It tells a story of who we are.’

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