Target’s “Adorable” $1 Houseplant Gem Is Worth Buying in Bulk

Target’s “Adorable” $1 Houseplant Gem Is Worth Buying in Bulk


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Even the best plant parents sometimes forget to water their plants. Some people set reminders on their phones, others mark their calendars — but sometimes, even that doesn’t help keep a watering schedule intact. Luckily Target has $1 watering spikes in its dollar spot right now so you can have a bit more peace of mind that your plants will stay healthy and hydrated even when you, well … forget about them (or leave home for a while).

“Plant lovers! Be on the lookout for these new watering spikes in the dollar spot!” the creator behind the Target Gems Instagram account wrote in their caption. “Just $1 each. The bird one came home with me.”

“Oh I need these,” one person commented, with another commenter adding, “I need the bird one.”

If you’ve never used a watering spike before, think about them as basters for your houseplants. You fill the bulb at the top with water, then stick the hollow spike portion into the soil of your plant. The spike will deliver water to the roots of your plant as needed and will continue to do so as long as there is water in the bulb.

Target does sell watering spikes online — but they’re a bit fancier (and therefore pricier!) than the plastic ones found in the dollar section. But the mosaic bulb from Sunnydaze Decor is utterly gorgeous and will last for years to come. 

Plus, the terracotta spike will not only deliver water, but can also soak up excess water from the root system, which lessens the chance of your plant suffering from root rot.

If you need a bit of help when it comes to watering your plants, then head to Target to pick up a plastic watering spike so your houseplants never go hungry again!


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