Switzerland Gets Its First Vegan Doughnut Shop

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German-born entrepreneur Allegra Wolff recently opened Mystifry as the first vegan doughnut shop in Switzerland. The new shop—which operates in the historic Old Town district of Basel—offers a selection of brioche-like vegan doughnuts with unique toppings and glazes, along with kombucha and coffee roasted locally by Haenowitz & Page. Wolff previously worked as the head cook of Hamburg, Germany’s first vegan food truck Vincent Vegan. The 27-year-old entrepreneur opened Mystifry after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign in which she raised 20,000 Swiss francs in one week.  

“I want to prove that vegan food can be much more than just quinoa bowls and green smoothies,” Wolff said. “I cut, glaze, and decorate each doughnut by hand. In addition, the ingredients used are locally sourced and organic wherever possible. I love creating new and sometimes unusual flavours which I like to switch up monthly.” 

Currently, Mystifry’s menu features a regular Lemon Lavender doughnut (lemon glaze, lavender drizzle, and edible lavender), along with three special doughnuts: Peaches & Cream (vanilla sugar, vanilla buttercream, and white peach compote); Kindrrr Maxi Queen (chocolate glaze, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla buttercream, and caramel drizzle); and Pizza (a savory doughnut with marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and smoked sea salt). Every month, Wolff creates a specialty doughnut (which costs one Swiss franc more than its regular doughnuts) to support social-justice organizations. This month, a portion of the sales of the shop’s Biscoff Salted Caramel doughnut (Lotus Biscoff cookie butter glaze, caramel cookies, and salted caramel drizzle) will be donated to anti-racism collective Mir sind Vo da.

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