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“Suniai” means listening, truly listening, going deep within your heart to listen to the vibration of the Universe.

In the effort to grow and evolve through this human experience, we sometimes focus so much on learning, on reading, on our spiritual practice, that we forget to simply listen.

In Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib, the sacred poem that has become the morning daily prayer of the Sikhs, there are four pauris or sections devoted to the meditative practice of listening.

Many sacred chant singers have fallen in love with these pauris, putting them to music.  Snatam’s versions on the album Shanti have been streamed millions of times across the globe, but also have been woven in to her live musical offerings over the years.  At Sat Nam Fest, she sang this song and added the poetic lyrics: “The angels are listening, God is listening, I am listening.” She then sings the words 8th pauri of Japji with the chorus: Nānak bhagatā sadā vigās suṉi-ai dūkh pāp kā nās. Followed by a beautiful poetic translation in English: “All my pain departs in listening to my heart.”

“The word Suniai is like a lullaby you sing to your mind to help it quiet down so that you hear the vibration of all-that-is humming sweetly inside of you to the beat of your heart. ” – Dr. Ramdesh

On Nirinjan Kaur’s album ‘To The Heart‘ with Matthew Schoening, she creates a landscape of complete surrender where you are completely drawn into a deep space of listening.

In Prabhu Nam Kaur’s teaching on these writings, she says: “Suṉi-ai means “through listening”. Deep listening that involves not only hearing with your ears, but hearing with all the senses, every cell of you vibrating in awareness, consciousness, and inner knowing. All the 4 Suṉi-ai Paurīs broaden your base of information, teaching you to expand your awareness. No judgement, no belief, no conclusion is required just yet. Simply listen.”

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