Style Scouting: Vol. 17 | In My Own Style

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I hope this past week was good to you and that you are finding ways to cope with the uncertainty of the world. Thinking about all those on the west coast dealing with the destruction of the wildfires, lives lost and losing the place most important to them – their home.

When online, I seek to find uplifting items to balance out what I hear and see on the news.

If you’re in need of a little pick me up, here are a few inspiring ideas I found online this week. I hope they add a little happy + positivity to your day.

Photo: Lisa Fuery

Love this powder room vanity counter and the way the designer describes her style… Barefoot Luxury with a Comfortable Approach.

If I didn’t have a room in my house to call my own, I would want to build one of these.

Clever and chic DIY plant stand, but it could also be used to hold other decorative items.

A good tip for anyone working from home.

This top is just my style.

A truly amazing DIY…. how real this wall came out.

One good reason to start a garden. Getting my hands dirty.

The best things about fall—leaves changing colors, recipes meant for sharing, and cozy time hugging a mug filled with your favorite hot beverage. I drink hot tea all day and this style mug allows me to carry it around the house and keeps it warmer longer than a regular mug.

I have been filling it with this tea. It is made using twigs? I wasn’t sure about it when I first ordered it, but it is so good, caffeine free and has become my favorite tea.

25 of the Best Books coming out this Fall.

Always enjoy seeing tours of this house.

Look what you can make using dollar store mini pumpkins or even balls of foam.

Super cute neighborhood of cottage homes. Part 1 and Part 2.

Ed and I want to create a mini-version of this in our side yard.

My newest find for drying reusable plastic bags in my kitchen, dishwashing gloves and bottles.

Have a bumper crop of tomatoes from your garden? This recipe looks delish!

How to Make Easy and Healthy Grain Bowls – I am a fan of the Mediterranean style version.

Have an ugly utility sink in your home? This is how I covered mine in my previous house, but look at this easy to do DIY.

Upcoming on the blog this week – my first fall decorating project, a big giveaway and something very cold. 🙂

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