These Organizers Made My Closet Clutter Disappear (and They’re So Elegant)

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When I moved into my new apartment, I wasn’t quite sure how to navigate my new storage situation. I moved from a large two-bedroom apartment with lots of storage space to a 575-square-foot home with just one closet to shared with my boyfriend (but hey, at least I have an incredible view of the ocean from my balcony!).

With only a shared walk-in closet with lots of open shelving, I thought I had my work cut out for me when it came to finding the right way to neatly and efficiently stow away our things … at least the things that couldn’t be hung up. But these affordable storage bins from StorageWorks on Amazon, both the large fabric storage baskets and the smaller closet storage bins, have proven me wrong. 

Amidst the moving chaos (before I got the bins), our stuff was haphazardly stuffed on the shelves without a rhyme or reason. Now that I have them, I don’t ever want to think about what the closet looked like before.

The large storage baskets come in three different sizes and seven different colors — I opted for the middle-of-the-road size (16 1/2 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 1/4 inches tall) in the color “natural” that comes in a two-pack for $28.

The small storage bins come in three different sizes and six different colorways. I ordered the smallest size offered (10 3/4 inches long, 10 3/4 inches wide, and 7 1/2 inches tall), in the color “beige,” and they fit perfectly snug on my shelves. These bins come in packs of three for $22 per pack.

The small bins also have a clear window on one side, which is especially helpful when I’m trying to find something specific, considering I need a stepstool to access them! The option of having the window either facing outwards or towards the wall is convenient, especially if you’d rather have a more uniform-looking closet. 

If you want to purchase multiple types of storage bins like me, StorageWorks makes it worthwhile by offering a discount for bundling the different products. By purchasing three small bins and two large bins in a bundle, I saved about $5 on my order compared to buying them separately. It’s the little wins that count! (I actually ended up purchasing additional bins after receiving my first order because I liked them so much.)

With these bins, I’ve transformed chaos into order, neatly tucking away everything from my overflow of yoga pants to drill bits. The linen-like fabric isn’t just durable; it brings a touch of elegance to what could have been just another mundane storage solution. In the realm of closet spaces, where mismatched socks and forgotten scarves find sanctuary, this stylish upgrade means more to me — and I’m sure to fellow self-proclaimed closet organization enthusiasts — than one might assume.

Buy: StorageWorks Storage Bins (extra large, 2-pack), $27.99, and StorageWorks Closet Storage Bins (3-pack), $21.99

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