Look Inside Sofía Vergara’s Stunning Home, Which Is “Made For Entertaining”

Look Inside Sofía Vergara’s Stunning Home, Which Is “Made For Entertaining”


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If you’ve been watching Sofía Vergara’s latest television show Griselda, which dropped on Netflix in late January, you may be wondering what the actress has been up to. In a recent tour with Architectural Digest, the Modern Family star showed off her Los Angeles mansion, and it’s clear that she’s been enjoying her beautiful, spacious home.

In collaboration with designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano, Vergara created a welcoming environment that makes guests feel “homey and comfortable” with a hesitation to leave, according to the interview with AD. “It’s hard to take people out of the kitchen even though I made most of the rooms very comfortable,” she jokingly said. “That was the idea when Ohara and I decided to create all the different little rooms, but unfortunately people still don’t want to leave the kitchen.” 

From the colorful crystal birds to her cabinet full of gorgeous china, the actress’ home is on par with an antique store. “One of the most important things in entertaining is putting a lot of effort into the details, making people feel like they’re eating something special [and] looking at something beautiful,” Vergara said. “China is what helps me achieve that.” And she’s not joking: she opens up cabinet doors to show an impressive, gorgeous china collection, which she cheekily says it’s “only the beginning.”

In her spacious living room, Vergara introduces the most important corner of her house — the bar. Hidden behind two green doors with golden knobs, a mirrored bar stocked with wine and colorful glassware awaits her guests, which is ironically “where happiness lives.” A bar tucked inside closet doors is low-key brilliant, even if you’re not a loaded actress like Vergara. It’s also great if you live in a small space where you don’t have a ton of room to keep a bar cart on display all the time.

If you’re in love with the inside of Vergara’s home, wait until you see the garden. Her luxurious backyard used to favor a “castle in Transylvania” — her words, not mine — until she added a touch of her Colombian roots with tropical plants. Similar to the kitchen, friends that visit Vergara’s garden don’t want to leave, and the endless amount of relaxing couches could persuade any guest to extend their stay.

By the time you’re done watching the 11-minute tour, you might be inspired to make your home as comfy as Vergara’s (or you’ll be inspired to begin collecting fancy crystal birds!).


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