Simranpreet: Q&A in Transformative Times

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Simranpreet (aka Jenni) who has been working with Spirit Voyage and supporting the Global Sadhanas for the last 4 years is launching her new company Nesoteric, a platform for personal and spiritual evolution.

We caught up with her to hear about her new project and how she has been coping during the pandemic.


What are your top tips on how you use music to stay calm?

This is such a great question, especially with 2020 being so….2020! Music has been playing a critical role in my life this year, as I’m sure it has for so many. I recommend finding a variety of playlists to rotate through throughout the day – and just keep the music streaming. It’s good to have playlists that have soothing bath time sort of music, some of your favorite mantra playlists, playlists with music to dance to, playlists for working out, and a variety of instrumental music to play softly in the background while you work. As your mood and emotions fluctuate throughout the day, you can rotate to another playlist. It’s so amazing, and such a powerful way to nurture yourself.

There is a playlist for every mood – but if you can’t find the “perfect” playlist, then create your own. That can be a beautiful creative process in and of itself. Spend some time exploring music that you wouldn’t normally listen to, and notice how it makes you feel when you hear it. For me, if a song gives me chills, it is automatically included in a playlist.

If possible, subscribe to a streaming service. I’ve always said if I could only keep one streaming service, it would be Spotify. There are so many playlists already created for you (including the playlists from Spirit Voyage!) and their algorithm for finding music I love is on point! Just make sure you take the time to like the songs that move you, and it will keep on delivering! Take advantage of the incredible technology that we have available to us and use it to up your music game!


How are you handling life in the current state of the pandemic?

It changes from day to day! I’ve been working from home for the past 7 years, so in some ways my life hasn’t changed as much as others. Even still, there have been some really difficult moments for me, with some really important lessons that I’ve been integrating into my life. I’m doing my best to get the most out of this time as possible.

I’ve learned to be much more gentle with myself than I used to be – increasing my self care, taking breaks throughout the day, making sure I get outside with my dogs regularly, and all the other little things that make a big difference in my mental health. Working out has been a huge anxiety reliever for me – if I can get some good cardio and weight training in, it will get me out of a weird mental space faster than anything else. And I’ve also really tried to make it a point to reach out to family and friends more often than usual – because I know if it’s hard for me – (an introvert who already spent a lot of time at home), then they are having difficult moments too. A little extra love goes a long way for all of us! I think the pandemic has really taught me to be more open and compassionate – with myself and with others.


Are you working on anything new or working in any new ways that you can share?

The most valuable thing I’m learning is the importance of going beyond myself – seeking out the places that need help – the places that are demanding transformation. Racial, social and ecological justice are all having huge moments right now, and we MUST take action to support these causes. It really is about taking your yoga off the mat and into the world, because the time for standing by is over. Each one of us has so much to contribute to these times, and it is our obligation to do so. So whether it is contributing financially, changing personal habits, or giving your time and energy to one or all of these movements, doing something is essential! So I’ve been finding ways to implement these ideals into my personal life – which is, in turn, creating ideas for my professional life…which I will be sharing more about very soon!

Right now, I’m working on a new course with Karena Virginia called Overcoming Shame. I am so excited to share this course with the world. It is SO needed right now. So many of us hold shame so deeply inside throughout our lives, and we either don’t recognize it and how it is playing out in our lives, or we do see it but don’t have the tools to move through it. I think this course has the potential to help soooo many people. It really keeps me motivated to keep going so I can share it with people as soon as possible.

In terms of working in a new way – YES. The pandemic has changed the way I work. I’m a bit of a workaholic, or I at least have that tendency. And when I get started on something, it can be hard to stop. In some ways, this is good – because it means I believe in what I’m doing, and knowing the impact the work can have really drives me…often to the detriment of my own self care. So this year I’ve committed to being more responsible with myself – in all the ways I touched on in the second question. I’ve been able to sink into a more manageable rhythm throughout my day, recognizing when it’s time to take a break, switch gears, and tap into some joy!


So much is changing, so many people are reevaluating their path in life, is there something you could share about where you are at, your process and any new changes you’ve made?

Absolutely. I think this year has caused so many people to take a serious look at their lives, seeing where things are out of alignment, and in many cases, forcing people to make changes. The hope is that these changes get everyone back on track, doing work that resonates even more deeply with their soul. It’s certainly been the case for me, and I’ve seen it happen in the lives of so many around me. It’s quite beautiful – but it’s not easy. Change of this nature is really uncomfortable as we grow and expand out beyond ourselves.

Much of 2020 has been uncomfortable for me in this way. I decided to take my passion for tarot readings public, and went from working with Spirit Voyage to starting my own business…two things I NEVER thought I’d do. I have always preferred to be a little more behind the scenes – but there has been a force driving me to share my own gifts in a new way, and I’ve had to heed that calling. It has caused me to face some of my deepest fears and insecurities, to recognize the places I’ve been playing small, or even lying to myself, and also to honor how far I’ve come and the ways in which I’ve grown – both personally and professionally. There is still soooo much more to learn, and sooo many more ways to grow – this has only been the beginning.

I know I’m not alone in this – I know there are so many out there going through their own metamorphosis – so I’d like to just send out a little love and encouragement to everyone. Keep going. This time is destined, and necessary. You have everything you need within you to meet this moment, and flow with the changes that are happening. We’ve been preparing our whole lives for this evolution. And please, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, ask for a little extra love when you need it…we are all here to love and support one another in even more meaningful ways right now.


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