Simple Wine Bottle Gift Wrap Ideas & Free Gift Tags

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How to Tie Ribbon and a Gift Tag Around a Wine Bottle

I used velvet ribbon for my hostess gifts of wine. Any ribbon can be used, but 1/2″- 1″ wide ribbon works well.

2 wine bottles ready for giving at the holidays

SIMPLE RIBBON & GIFT TAG: Cut a piece of ribbon to approximately 12″ long. Tie loosely around the neck of the wine bottle. Punch a hole in the top of a gift tag and thread it on the ribbon, then tie a knot in the ribbon. Trim ends of ribbon.

2 gold jingle bells wired to the ends of a piece of green velvet ribbon.

RIBBON & JINGLE BELLS: Cut a piece of ribbon to 10″ long. Use florist wire to tie jingle bells to the end of the ribbon or if ribbon is narrow, thread it through the top of the jingle bell and tie a knot to attach a bell to each end of the ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the wine bottle and use two rolls of clear tape, two dots of hot glue or a glue dots under each end of the ribbon to attach the gift tag.


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