Shadow Moon Guided Meditation by Ajeet


Take a deep breath in and let it go, 

Again, breath in and see if this breath can be a little slower, a little deeper than the last, 

And exhale, allowing yourself to soften any amount of this breath. 

Feel your body, notice what you have in you in this moment, 

Notice the imprints of this day, 

Any emotions moving through you, rising in you, 

Any worries in your mind, give them space, 

Give yourself space to feel what you are in this moment, 

No need to fight or to change, but see if you can open and soften, 

Allowing your breath and these sounds to move through you, 

Allow space to feel what you are, what you carry,

And give yourself this time to put down everything you want, 

Give yourself time and space, away from all that you hold together,

Let these sounds hold you, like watching the deep ocean, the waves that rise and fall, 

Let yourself be held in the waters of these sounds, 

In the rhythm of your breath.

On each breath, letting go of any worries, 

Any thoughts of this day, 

Let them drip over you like water, 

Let them sink into this earth, 

Let this sounds pour over you,

As your breath rises and falls,

Let yourself dissolve into this ocean of sound,

Gently rise and fall, 

Become weightless, 

Allow your body to become heavy, 

and sink into the ground, 

Feel the pull of gravity, 

This earth pulling you closer, 

And give yourself to that pull, 

Softening every part of you, 

Know that your strength will be there for you when you needed, 

Your mind will be there for you when you need it, 

But now is the time to let go, 

Now is the time to soften and be held, 

Be carried and comforted, 

Let the sound hold you, 

Let it hold you close, 

Let your eyes soften and your forehead soften, 

Relax your belly, relax your hips, soften your jaw, 

And allow your spirit to be weightless

As your body dissolves into this earth, 

Allow your spirit to move into dreams, 

Let your mind see the colors and the images, 

The visions of your inner world, 

And dissolve into that inner world, 

You are as vast and as deep as the ocean, 

Let go, 



Let yourself be carried away, 

Held and carried.

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