Jennifer Kominek Designs A Dreamy Pied-À-Terre In Toronto

Jennifer Kominek Designs A Dreamy Pied-À-Terre In Toronto


Toronto may not be The City of Light, but where two of its shiniest neighborhoods cross, designer Jennifer Kominek created a Parisian style apartment that’s the stuff of dreams. The Milan, an understated glass tower located at the junction of Yorkville and Rosedale, is the perfect building for Jennifer’s clients, a professional couple who were downsizing from their former home in the east end. After purchasing the condo in 2022, they spotted a project by the designer with a cool, European vibe. Jennifer was soon brought on to turn their 1,300-square-foot, builder-basic box into a home with old world style. “The owners love to visit Paris, and they wanted their condo to feel like an escape,” says Jennifer. “The goal was to turn something typical into something spectacular.”

Jennifer immediately got to work, gutting most of the existing features of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit and reconfiguring the space to give it that je ne sais quoi. Next came the smaller details: petite antique rugs with a collected-over-time look, old world brass switches by Forbes & Lomax, and a painterly wall mural in the breakfast nook. Achieving that effortless look took effort, of course. Jennifer faced many challenges throughout the nine-month-long project. “We designed a lot of full-height millwork and a custom banquette for the breakfast nook. As we were planning with the millworker, there was always this hold your-breath moment of, will it fit in the elevator?” she says with a laugh. “Things were often just within a hair of making it.

”Now the breakfast nook is both the couple’s — and Jennifer’s — favorite room. It’s the perfect place to cuddle up with a café and croissant, and take in the city. Jennifer knew it needed something special, but convincing the homeowners took persistence. “They had hung some art, but I told them it needed mo re.” When the project was nearing its end, she called them on a Friday night to make her case, and sent an email with her vision. “On a photo of the breakfast nook, I superimposed this stunning Coordonné wallpaper with birds and branches,” she says. “It looked so beautiful, and they were finally convinced.” Now, it’s the focal point of the entire condo. C’est la vie!

Take a tour of this Parisian-style apartment below!


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