Our Guest Bathroom Reveal – A Jewel Box That Makes Me So Darn Happy – Emily Henderson

Our Guest Bathroom Reveal – A Jewel Box That Makes Me So Darn Happy – Emily Henderson


I have a sneaking suspicion this might be your favorite bathroom in the house (and there will be no hard feelings:) While I love our primary bath so much (and prefer it for our daily use), this hidden bathroom Is admittedly very special and the colors, patterns, and layers made for such pretty photos (thank you, Kaitlin). It’s a little jewel box of green and pink, full of vintage, and shiny polished nickel. It looks totally original (but fresh and new) and is just sweet as can be. I got to play out a fantasy here (as you should in a guest bath) and every time I walk in I’m like “OH THIS IS WONDERFUL”. All of the polished nickel plumbing fixtures and lighting were selected from Rejuvenation and that shiny pretty metallic popped off the matte tiles and wallpaper so perfectly.

Green and Pink Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper | Ceiling & Trim Paint Color | Tile | Sink (unavailable) | Faucet | Mirror (vintage) | Toothbrush Holder (vintage) | Sconce

If you read the recap you know that this room was unfinished for months – with white walls and certainly didn’t feel pulled together. It took forever to choose the wallpaper mostly because there are so many that I love, but one day I just said “This. This is it“. The second we put up this Kelly Ventura wallpaper the room just SUNG. Then once we painted the window frame and ceiling a light green/gray (the bright white was just too white and looked unfinished), we accessorized and the room came together so quickly. I’m so so happy.

Waffle Towels | Pink Towels | Towel Bar | Wall Mirror | Bath Mat

The pink and green combination is incredible. “Pink” doesn’t seem like the right word – it’s more of a deep rose. It’s just such a beautiful color (and it’s in the wallpaper). And guess what? Now that it’s wallpapered I love the subtleness of the no-grout look (a design move that I was once confident about, then felt was a mistake and now I’m happy again). You can absolutely see the tile color variation without the bathroom being too busy.

Shower Set | Shower Head

The polished nickel Rejuvenation plumbing fixtures (with a more antique vibe) just kill me. I love them so much and am so glad that we leaned into silver here – that shiny metal is so pretty against the matte of the pink and near the green wallpaper (much preferred over brushed nickel or polished chrome).

Tile | Drain Cover

Look at that color variation in the tile. Just so pretty. It’s a custom color from Pratt + Larson (you can see all the custom colors we chose here) and I want to know the exact pigment in it so I can buy all the things in this perfect shade of pink. We opted for a 2×6 brick on the walls (Portland finish, so the edges are sharp, rough and look a little less uniform which your tile installer hates, but we love), a small hex on the floor, a 4×4 square for on top, and then pencil trim and sloped baseboard tile. A huge shout out to Stephyn from ARCIFORM for figuring this all out and placing the order. It’s far more work than it looks so thank you Stephyn!

The Vintage Articulating Mirror + Toothbrush Holder

Sink (unavailable) | Faucet | Mirror (vintage) | Sink Caddy (vintage)

I found all the vintage accessories at different architectural salvage stores in Portland. So while you, ahem, “can’t really see yourself in the mirror” says my MIL, I love the character they bring to this room (and there is a mirror on the opposite wall, don’t worry). We obviously couldn’t have a traditional vanity mirror due to the window, but since this is just for guests (and maybe Elliot when she’s older) it’s just fine.

Double Sconce

The Fairview double sconce from Rejuvenation in polished nickel is just so pretty – all those details really shine (literally) in the super shiny silver finish. I can’t stop smiling. The details in the fixture feel historic, classic and so appropriate for this house.

Wall Mirror

Since my antique mirror isn’t as functional as my mother-in-law would like, I ordered this pretty (and simple) polished nickel mirror for the wall above the towel rod that is big, pretty, and does the job perfectly (and makes the room feel bigger, breaks up the wallpaper and reflects light around).

Switch Plates

The whole room, with these pops of silver, feels so layered without being busy at all (silver is a quieter metallic than brass).

Towel Rack (vintage) | Striped Tolietry Bag | Waffle Towels | Toliet Paper Holder | Toilet

A huge shout out to Kaitlin Green, our wonderful photographer for shooting this tiny bathroom so beautifully – she did some magic getting this angle through the shower. I LOVE this shot (the nightstands aren’t there because we had to Photoshop out the shower door that she actually shot through that was totally obstructing the angle so we removed the nightstand before to make the editing easier). This angle makes me so happy – I love how the two rooms work so well together (the guest room isn’t done, but also great for now)

The vintage train rack shelf thing was from the house originally, in the kid’s bathroom. I was so happy that we kept it and that it found a permanent place in the home (not to mention being great storage for towels and guest cosmetic bags.

Art (vintage) | Planter | Toliet | Toilet Lever

It’s a lot in a little bathroom, which I think is a move I want to employ more – just going for it in small spaces in the name of creating an experience and provoking an emotion. A huge thank you to the ARCIFORM team, Anne, Stephyn, and Jamie for basically building this bathroom that didn’t exist. So much expertise goes into the renovation of an old house and I’m so grateful for everyone’s help. A huge thanks to Rejuvenation for partnering on this bathroom – the plumbing, lighting, and all polished nickel accessories (except the vintage) brought a classic elegance to the room.

Bathroom Resources:
Wallpaper: Kelly Ventura
Window: Original
Ceiling and Trim Paint Color: Comfort Gray by Sherwin-Williams
Tile (custom color): Pratt + Larson
Tile Installer: Level Plane
Shower Set: Rejuvenation
Shower Head: Rejuvenation
Shower Door: Custom
Vanity: Rejuvenation (no longer available)
Faucet: Rejuvenation
Plumbing: Rejuvenation
Toilet: Kohler
Toilet Lever: Rejuvenation
Double Sconce: Rejuvenation

Toilet Paper Holder: Rejuvenation
Towel Bar: Rejuvenation
Towel Rack: Vintage (original to the house!)
Wall Mirror: Rejuvenation
Switch Plates: Rejuvenation

*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
**Photos by Kaitlin Green


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