New Sanctuary Map Helps Connect Volunteers With Animal Sanctuaries in Need

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A handy, first-of-its-kind map was recently launched to assist people in finding farmed animal sanctuaries in the United States that allow volunteers to help care for animals at their facilities. Created by vegan vitamin brand Future Kind, the map aims to help sanctuaries that are in need of volunteers. Animal sanctuaries in particular have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the lack of donations and visitors to their facilities. 

Clicking the green pins on the map allows viewers to see the sanctuary’s name, address, website, contact email, and the animal breeds that are housed on the property. There are also red pins that indicate sanctuaries that are not offering volunteer opportunities at this time but are open for visits and/or donations.

“We donate monthly to Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary [in Sydney, Australia] and realized that not all sanctuaries have the capacity to allow volunteering,” Future Kind co-founders Shaun and Eliot Cunningham said. “So we decided to collect the ones in the United States that do into one handy location.”

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