California Cool: Step Inside A Luxe LA Home That Brings The Outdoors In

California Cool: Step Inside A Luxe LA Home That Brings The Outdoors In


If you’ve ever heard of furniture and design brand Muskoka Living, then you know Cory DeFrancisco, the designer of the luxe, laid-back look that perfectly reflects one of our big trends for 2024. Muskoka Living has showrooms in Toronto, Port Carling, Ont., and L.A. so, naturally, Cory’s Canadian-Cali lifestyle has, in some ways, shaped his design aesthetic. His overall look is light and bright, crisp and tailored, and always infused with warmth and authenticity.

He counts Spanish style, olive and citrus trees, pea gravel, texture, arches as a form and the imperfection of plaster amongst some of his California influences. “One of our first inspiration pictures was of olive and citrus trees in Santa Barbara,” says Cory. “What I took from that was a soft, feminine feel, and that guided the overall look.” Sure enough, the interior is an appealing blend of contemporary and traditional design, with a host of rounded architectural elements and curvy furniture. With light woods, natural textures and a neutral, sun-kissed palette, the design feels integrated into the landscape — soft, dreamy and organic.

But Cory hasn’t forgotten his East Coast traditional, cottage country roots, a style he worked in for 15 years. “We looked at this backyard like our lake, which, in cottage design, is your sacred space,” he says. “You take the key elements of the build and try to have them all either touching the water or having a view to it.” In this case, a pool stands in for the lake, while olive and citrus trees take the place of Muskoka’s white pines and sugar maples. Some things, though, transcend geography. “We always try to make a home feel cosy,” says Cory. “And we really focus on the layers and the details.”

Scroll down for a look inside this luxe LA home!


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