Kundalini Horoscope: September 7 – 13, 2020.

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The Moon is waning this week. She is getting smaller in the night sky as she rises later after sunset each night. You may find that your sleep patterns are somewhat disturbed. Emotional reserves are waning as the Moon begins her 4th Quarter phase mid-week. This is a time to focus on yoga kriyas that are meditative and introspective as opposed to those that are outwardly-directed and physically challenging. The same can be said about our mode of operation in general.

The astrological energy on Monday is well-suited for a day off. In the US, Monday is Labor Day, and for most Americans, this means a three-day weekend. On Monday, the Lunar Lady is donning the robes of the bull, encouraging us to slow down, relax and enjoy. It is a day to indulge in good food and tasty beverages. It’s a time to listen to music, dance and rejoice. Celebrate. Spend time with friends and family. Enjoy your surroundings – wherever you happen to be. The energy calls on us to indulge the five senses. Feel the Earth under your feet as you walk. Trade massages with the one you love and enjoy a scented bubble bath tonight.

We may wake up in a fog on Tuesday. At 8:47am EST (5:47am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course. As a result, we have temporarily lost our sense of direction and intuition. Postpone any important business meetings for another time. Most of the day is likely to be challenging. We simply don’t know which way to turn. Interactions with others are off. It isn’t until 5:28pm EST (2:28pm PST), that the Moon gets back on track and we have our wits about us once again.

Not only is Wednesday “Mercury’s Day”, but this Wednesday also finds us under the influence of the Gemini Moon – another strong Mercurial influence. As a result, our minds are buzzing. It is a good day for a think tank! Hold that meeting that was previously scheduled for yesterday. Now we are all thinking clearly. Our minds are sharp, curious, and easily engaged. This is a time to connect with others, communicate, answer emails and make calls. Just make sure you don’t get too caught up in business that simply isn’t yours. Stay away from gossip. Realize when your mind starts going there and catch it before you engage. 

On Thursday, the Moon is exactly square with the Sun, setting the stage for tension among others down here on Earth. The polarity between the masculine and the feminine is being tested at this time. It may be hard to find common ground. Too much buzzing around in circles is creating an entire network of confusion. One side may be grounded and organized while the other side may be fickle and unfocused. Either way, consider turning to mantra to help quiet the mind and bring a sense of peace and calm to the situation. “Mantras for Divine Grace” by Snatam Kaur may be exactly the album you are looking for. With tracks such as “Ong Namo” for wisdom and “Ek Ong Kaar” for oneness, plus many others, you simply cannot go wrong.

The mood changes significantly on Friday with the Cancer Moon coming on the scene. Intense mental energy morphs into great sensitivity and compassion. People are much more sensitive, nurturing and intuitive. Get out of your head and into your heart. Be a good listener.

Stay close to home on Saturday and cook a nice meal for you and your family. The Cancer Moon wants us to get cozy, merge with the water element and connect with your own Mother. People’s moods are up and down so be sensitive to other people’s fluctuating emotions. In addition, with the Sun making a harmonious angle to the Moon today, we have an opportunity to smooth over any difficulty that may have occurred earlier in the week as a result of Thursday’s tension between the luminaries. 

Sleep in on Sunday. We don’t really get our minds going or our intuition grooving until 11:32am EST (8:32am PST). After that, we are in the clear. The rest of the day should be spent in celebration. Have fun.

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