Kundalini Horoscope: Sep 28th – Oct 4th, 2020.

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The Moon is almost Full as the week gets underway. As a result, we are off to an emotional start as the energy continues to build toward the emotional climax on Thursday with the Full Moon in warring Aries, opposite the Sun in peaceful Libra. Also, two major planets turn direct this week: Saturn and Pluto. As a result, long term projects that have been put on the back burner may start feeling some forward momentum once again. Feeling like you have been stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Have faith. Relief is on its way. The gears are turning in a forward direction once again (at least two of them, anyways!)

On Monday morning we wake up in a fog. The Moon is void-of-course and doesn’t come out of hiding until 11:34am EST (8:34am PST). At this point, we are in the clear. Our sense of direction is back and we can successfully hold that morning meeting. For the rest of the day, let your intuition guide you. The Moon in broad-minded Pisces is helping with creative projects, the big picture, and thinking outside of the box.

Tuesday’s energy continues in this vein as the creative juices keep flowing. Artistic projects such as writing, painting and playing music are all favored. Take time to express yourself in ways that don’t involve words. Dance around the living room. Looking for a peppy, spiritual album to inspire you to do so? Consider “Kundalini Rising” by Liv Singh, with Dev Saroop Kaur.  Tracks like the “Sat Nam Bangara” will not disappoint! This is also a good day to connect with the water element. Go swimming. Take a walk by a body of water. Enjoy a scented bubble bath tonight.

Use Wednesday’s morning hours to set your plan for the day. This is when your intuition is clearest and your sense of direction is spot on. At 1:30pm EST (10:30am PST), however, all bets are off. For the next (approximately) 9 hours , the Moon is void-of-course. During this latter half of the day, make no major plans or decisions. Interactions with others are off. Stick to routine tasks. 

The Moon is exactly Full on Thursday – the emotional high tide of the week. Take note that the polarities at work revolve around the theme of self versus others. “I am” versus “we are”. Examine this spectrum in your own life. Are you so focused on yourself that you are not giving enough support and attention to your partnership? Maybe the opposite is true. Perhaps you are so concerned about the other person in your family or relationship that you have completely neglected your own personal needs. Tremendous anger can rise to the surface at this time. Things that have been pent up for a while are erupting like a volcano. Get ready to tackle difficult issues head on. The Aries Moon wants to shake things up. The Libra Sun wants balance. 

We are still under the influence of these two powerful luminaries on Friday. The fallout continues. People are screaming for justice. Powerful emotions, anger and rage continue to rise to the surface. Actions are explosive and extreme. Take extra care on the roadways. In fact, you may not want to go out at all. Physical exercise is highly recommended to help burn off the energy in your own body.

Sleep in on Saturday. Give yourself a break. Enjoy breakfast in bed and make no major decisions or plans. It isn’t until 11:12am EST (8:12am PST) that our minds actually wake up. From this point on we are in the clear as the Moon transits calming, grounded Taurus.

Sunday is truly a day of rest. Take advantage of the nurturing qualities of the Taurus Moon. Enjoy delicious food and drink. See the beauty in your surroundings. Take it easy, decompress from the intensity of this week’s Full Moon and let things integrate. Take advantage of a shady hammock and a glass of lemonade or hot tea. Time spent in nature is time well spent. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Smell the leaves in the trees. Play relaxing, inspirational music and simply enjoy yourself.

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