Kundalini Horoscope: Sep 21 – 27, 2020.

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The Moon is waxing this week. It is a time when our emotional reserves are growing. We also find ourselves staying up later and later each night as the Moon stays up later and later, each time appearing bigger in the night sky. It is also the week when the Sun enters Libra at the time of the Fall Equinox on Tuesday. This is the point when the Earth is in perfect balance – a balance between darkness and light, between day and night. From this point onward, the days will be shorter than the nights, for those in the Northern Hemisphere. For those living south of the equator, the days will now be longer than the nights.

Monday is the UN International Day of Peace. Keep peace in your mind and in your heart as you go throughout the day. The morning begins with a great deal of intensity and emotional extremes. The stingers are out and small issues can easily escalate into big deal events. There is a lunar void-of-course period around mid-day, marking a good time to take your lunch break. From 2:13pm – 3:32pm EST (11:13am – 12:32pm PST), the Moon is taking a break. She is “in between” signs. As a result, we are without our beacon of intuition and sense of direction. Do not make any major decisions or hold any big work meetings during this time. In the afternoon, keep things light and stay on the sunny side. Elevate others. Transform situations with love. 

At 9:31am EST (6:31am PST) on Tuesday (the Fall Equinox), the Sun enters Libra – the sign of balance. This is the sign of justice and equality. For the next four weeks, the Sun will be transiting this cardinal air sign, suggesting that our focus will be concentrated on themes involving peace, partnership and equilibrium. Note how your own life feels out of balance. What changes do you need to make in order to bring stability and balance into your own life? 

On Wednesday, the Moon is at half-mast. She is halfway between New and Full. It is a time when the Moon and the Sun are at odds with each other. As a result, you may find yourself at odds with people from the opposite sex. There is tension in the air no matter what the circumstances are. To complicate matters, there is a long lunar void-of-course period during the afternoon that is likely to throw a monkey wrench in the works. From 1:31pm – 7:16pm EST (10:31am – 4:16pm PST), the Moon is “backstage” changing into her next costume (the goat). During this mid-day period, we find it difficult to interact with others. Our intuition is off. It is hard to know how to proceed. During this period it is best to stick to routine tasks. Make no major plans or decisions.

Thursday’s energy calls on us to get to work. The grounded, practical feeling brought on by the Capricorn Moon helps us to stay focused and say “no” to people and commitments in order for us to stay on track with the tasks that are most important to us. Go ahead and put a large pile on your workbench. You can accomplish quite a lot.

The same is true for Friday. Start on tasks that you have been putting off. This is a good day to get the ball rolling on small tasks and other important projects. If you are looking for some good motivational background music as you go throughout your day, look no further than the double album by Dev Suroop Kaur, “Kundalini Beat”. This fantastic collection of powerful sacred mantras set to upbeat, catchy rhythms and melodies helps to keep you going, keep you motivated, and keep your toes a tapping.

Lookout for unexpected events on Saturday. The Moon in spontaneous Aquarius asks us to be open to whatever surprise adventure comes your way. What ends up manifesting may be far greater than what you could’ve ever possibly imagined.

On Sunday, gather together with like-minded people – even if it is done virtually. Connect with your soul mates and inspire each other through song, food and an exchange of ideas.

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