Kundalini Horoscope: Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2020.

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The week begins on an intense note. With the Moon almost Full, rising just before sunset, we feel an upswell of emotions that simply cannot be ignored. This week may be a “breaking point” for some, in which a culmination of truth that has recently been brought to the surface now leads to an abrupt change in direction. Furthermore, this week’s Full Moon in Pisces may be the spark that ignites a fire that has been sitting dormant, waiting to erupt into flames.

The intensity in the air is magnified by the Aquarian Moon on Monday who wants his opinions heard. Aquarius is the revolutionary. It’s time to do things in a new way. Gather together with those of like-minds and come up with a new plan. There is a strong urge to see things through to the finish. Use this determination in the air to complete projects and follow through on things that are important to you. You have made up your mind, now stick to your principles and see the results through to the end.

On Tuesday morning, the Moon moves into sensitive, compassionate Pisces, thus setting us up for the Full Moon that will be exact either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, depending on your time zone. Either way, the energy is strong. We feel a powerful pull between the two luminaries. The polarity at work has to do with the tension between the need to dream and desire to escape versus the practical side of life – the cold, hard reality. It is the duality between the need to see the big picture versus the importance of tending to the details. Where do you fall on this spectrum of energy? Perhaps you are so caught up in the day-to-day act of living that you have no greater sense of where you are headed in the long run. Perhaps you are so “out there” with your bigger dreams and goals that you have no way of manifesting them in a practical manner because you aren’t taking the small steps that are necessary to get there. On an interpersonal level, perhaps you are dealing with a person who is trying to escape reality by means of excess drinking, eating or drugs. Maybe your own relationship with food is unhealthy. Maybe you are depriving yourself of the very nutrients you need because you think that you are not thin enough, or somehow undeserving. These are the issues welling up to the surface at this time.

Full Moon madness continues on Wednesday with the Pisces Moon still shining brightly all night. It may be hard to get to sleep. Notice the messages that are coming to you in your dreams. Dance, sing and feel your way in and out of situations. Let the tears flow, if that what needs to come. Express yourself through poetry, art and music. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration in this arena, consider Gurumukh Mark Harris’s album, “The Patient One.” This full Aquarian Sadhana album also contains bonus tracks by Gurumukh including, “Ishe Oluwa” and “Shuniya Blues” plus the album’s title track, “The Patient One.”

Thursday is likely to be quite challenging. Take note that the Moon goes void-of-course at 10:34am EST (7:34am PST). From this time until 4:22pm EST (1:22pm PST), we are operating without our sense of direction or intuition. It is not a good time to make big decisions or plans. Instead, just stick with routine tasks.

There is an excess of physical energy at our disposal on Friday. Use it wisely. Engage in challenging physical exercise. 

There is an aggressive feeling in the air on Saturday. People are feeling more competitive. Be careful out on the road. Keep your own temper in check. There is a tendency to blow up suddenly at the people you love.

Tempers calm on Sunday when the Moon moves into grounded Taurus. Use this time to ground, be patient and slow down. Enjoy your surroundings. Take your time. Ask for a massage. Trade back rubs or foot rubs with the one you love. It’s also a good day for romance. Take a chance and ask someone out on a date tonight. 

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