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I know I know. Tall boots for spring, Jess??? We are trying to forget winter! And look, I get it but hear me out…and Emily. Emily is very passionate about the very tall/over-the-knee boots and I see why. They can be easily paired with a skirt (mini if that’s your vibe) or dress so that you can have a spring look while still staying warm. And let’s also be honest, they can be sexy too depending on how you style them which is nice to express every now and then:) Sounds like a versatile shoe that can be worn three out of the four seasons if you ask me.

I mean look at this cute little casual number Em put together for the mini skirt post she did. The boots instantly make this outfit so much cooler and chic, right? I know that when I’ve thought of knee highs or over-the-knee boots in the past it’s more of a “going OUT out” shoe, not something casual. But these babies can really do both as you can see and I will prove below. So if you are in need of some new boots or have always wanted to try some really tall ones, I have 9 great options for you.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 9

These beauties are the ones that Em is wearing in the opening photo but in a different color (she also really wants this color too). They actually come in seven different colors so they have something for everyone. See more below.

How cute are they styled in different ways? Looking at these photos makes me feel I would love wearing a boot this tall (I don’t feel super comfortable in mini skirts). I want to look as cool as these women! Now, I’m not sure about the sizing of the calves since the site doesn’t have reviews, but they don’t look super tight so they likely have a little room. Also, these pups aren’t cheap so while they are at the top of my list let’s check out a slightly more affordable option…

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 8

Super similar look that comes in six colors and is half the price of the Sezane ones. Oh, and they also have a wide option!!

Here are a couple more ways that you can style this boot and man, they are cute. One review also noted that these boots don’t slouch down below the knee which feels like a very important thing to note in a slightly more slouchy tall boot. I think these are so great.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 4

I adore the stitching detail on these, the gorgeous rich brown tone, and the low kitten heel! These is kinda of the ideal trendy boots right now (tall with a kitten heel) but also looks and feels really timeless.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 2

But spring is upon us so going for a lighter-colored boot is a fun way to easily wear these boots with your spring clothes! Oh, they are also under $100 which is amazing but many of the reviewers say the calves are narrow FYI.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 7

Keeping with the light color but in an easier material to keep clean, we have these beautiful off-white boots from one of my favorite shoe brands, Intentionally Blank! I know their quality is wonderful and I love that the heel is on the lower side. They are also a great price at $209 and also come in black.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 5

Ok, so I wanted to find an extra tall flat boot but any that I really liked were very hard to find. So when I saw these I was pumped! I was less pumped when I saw the price tag. But if you have the budget and want to invest in a cool yet classic boot I think these are amazing.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 3

These are a little more affordable than the ones above but feel slightly more cool and trendy to me. Notice the top of the boot. It’s the only pair in this round-up that has a tighter fit at the top. Now, I might refrain from this type of style because I prefer a looser fit (even in lower boots) but I wanted to give the option in case that’s a look you love! Just something to notice and think about when you are shopping for these kinds of boots:)

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 1

I’m surprised how into these I am! But then again I was raised in cowboy boots so maybe I shouldn’t be shocked:) I love the color, love the slouch, and love the price ($100). They are sexy but casual and just super fun without being too loud.

Emily Henderson Over the Knee Boots 6

And last but not least are these extremely cool tall black cowboy-inspired boots. I know they aren’t over the knee but they are real close and I think would look sick with so many outfits. The lines are simple and the calf space looks generous! Oh, and for $80 I think these are a steal.

Ok, thoughts? Are you an over-the-knee boot wearer? If not are you thinking of trying some like me?? Let me know!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: The Year Of The Structured Mini Skirt – Cute Skirts And How I’m Styling Them

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