Kennedy Nolan Design The Quintessential Modern Australian Kitchen, With Laminex

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Around six months ago (before life as we know it changed immeasurably!) we had the great privilege of capturing one very inspiring creative collaboration. Heritage Australian brand Laminex had engaged award-winning Melbourne Architecture firm, Kennedy Nolan, to design a series of stunning contemporary kitchens inspired by Laminex’ distinctive range of laminate surfaces.

We were invited along to document this process – which meant getting a close up look at Laminex’ Melbourne manufacturing plant, as well as sitting in on a design meeting at Kennedy Nolan, and absorbing just a little of their collective genius!

Rachel Nolan, co-founder and principal of Kennedy Nolan, explains that for her practice, ‘architecture isn’t just what you see, it’s really about the way it works’. This pragmatic design philosophy underpins all of Kennedy Nolan’s projects – and there is no room where this approach is more important than in the kitchen!

At the centre of Kennedy Nolan’s collaboration with Laminex is an expansive, sculptural family kitchen, created using a neutral palette of French Cream, Paper Bark and Whitewashed Oak Laminex laminates. Whilst muted, the palette is surprisingly warm and textural, with the soft green undertones in the Paper Bark surface hinting at Eucalyptus and the Australian native landscape. This generous, contemporary and very functional space feels to us like the quintessential modern Australian kitchen!

View more about the Laminex x Kennedy Nolan collaboration, and order free samples of the French Cream, Paper Bark and Whitewashed Oak finishes used in this kitchen, right here! 

Videography by Sirap, photos by Derek Swalwell and Amelia Stanwix (BTS), Styling by Natalie James, Creative Direction by Ortolan,

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