This IKEA Hack Will Convince You that Your Serving Bowls Belong in the Kitchen

This IKEA Hack Will Convince You that Your Serving Bowls Belong in the Kitchen


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The next time you’re shopping for a side table at IKEA, skip past the furniture department and head straight to the kitchenware area. There’s a new trend that involves using IKEA bowls to create side tables, and they’re giving the Scandinavian store’s actual accent tables a run for their money. 

If you need a little inspiration to get started on your own BLANDA side table project, you’re in luck. Here are three BLANDA hacks that will add a stylish accent to any living space. 

For her side table, TikToker Sifra used four 11 inch BLANDA BLANK bowls that come in at $9.99 each. She glued two bowls together to create a ball shape and added one more bowl at each end for a semi-circular top and bottom. For the tabletop, she stuck a basic wooden platter to the top bowl, and finished off the whole thing in a pale beige shade for a sleek, minimalist look.

Instagrammer Luke Arthur Wells opted for a completely different look with a raw, stone-effect finish. Starting with one large BLANDA MATT bowl, he cut a circle out of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to use as the tabletop. He then cut chunky, angular legs to contrast the roundness of the tabletop.

After gluing and screwing everything together, he covered the entire piece in skimming plaster for texture. Finally, he sanded down the plaster and used a stone effect paint for the finish.

Inspired by an accent table that she spotted online, TikToker Harriet Langsbury made a dupe for less than half the price, but it wasn’t just the cost that was thrilling. As she says, “I had fun and can tell people I made it.”

Equipped with seven of the medium-sized BLANDA MATT bowls costing $15.99 each, she glued six bowls together to form three spheres and glued the seventh bowl to make the semi-circular base. As the bowls were tricky to get perfectly aligned, she filled any visible gaps with wood filler.

For the tabletop, she used a round chopping board which she glued on to the top sphere. Finally, she gave it a couple coats of black wood paint.


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