IKEA Brought Back the Vintage BAGGBODA Table for Less Than $100

IKEA Brought Back the Vintage BAGGBODA Table for Less Than $100


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The BAGGBODA was originally released by IKEA in 1971 as the CROMI, designed by Karin Mobring. They brought it back for their 80th anniversary collection, called Nytillverkad, in 2023. Sleek and shiny with a low profile, it’s the epitome of ‘70s chic, and a great addition to your decor if your aesthetic trends towards a more vintage style. 

The side table comes in a white color that’s perfect for a more minimalist approach — especially if you prefer to decorate in neutrals. As TikToker Brad Canning (@brad) demonstrates in a recent TikTok, you can opt for neutral and silver accessories to accentuate the table — and it’s even better if they’re from the same era, like mushroom lamps. If you have a smaller space, you might consider using this as your main coffee table. 

You can also opt for the light yellow, which adds a great pop of color. IKEA styled this color with Jell-O molds, which screams retro. Of course, you can’t have Jell-O on your table all the time, but you can always opt for a pop of whimsy with something like these fake Jell-O candy corn molds. 

While most IKEA product listings have comments talking about how hard assembly is, this seems somewhat easy to put together, which is definitely a point in its favor. Plus, as always, it’s super affordable, at just $80. That’s a steal for something this cute!


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