A Clever Way to Repurpose an Unused Planter

A Clever Way to Repurpose an Unused Planter


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I’m illogically optimistic about growing houseplants in my bedroom. I keep buying them at Trader Joe’s, and they keep dying because there is not enough light in my bedroom to sustain them. I’m left with a graveyard of plantless planters, because every time I buy a replacement, the new houseplant comes in yet another cute pot. Thanks to this TikTok, though, I now have a use for them — and just in time for allergy season. 

In this video, Megan Anderson (@creative.decors) transforms an empty planter into a tissue pot in one easy step: Anderson takes tissues from their original cardboard box and transfers them to a plant pot. It’s an almost effortless upcycle. 

If you plan to try this yourself, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. 

Tissue pots are a great gift idea. 

Because my planters keep multiplying, I have a large collection to supply tissue pots to my extended family, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 

Would it be reasonable to go to the nursery and buy a plant to go inside these extra pots instead? Of course — but a trip to the nursery is like a trip to the post office. It seems easy, but it will never happen. A $6 Amazon order of tissues, however, is already done. 

Thanks to this hack, I am no longer guilty of serial plant slaughter. I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that my bedroom is better suited to tissues than plants, and I am OK with that.


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