6 Ways to Fix a “Cold and Uninviting” Bedroom, According to Designers

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If the current colder temperatures have you feeling a bit down, and your bedroom seems a bit sparse or bare on top of that, it’s time for a bit of a bedroom makeover. Think about what’s missing from your sleep space and how you can instantly add some cozy factor so that you’ll actually enjoy snuggling up in there. Not sure where to begin? Here, pro designers share their favorite fixes for warming up a bedroom during a time of year when you’ll be spending lots of time indoors. 

Add personality with vintage pieces.

Designer Julieta Alvarez loves to weave all kinds of vintage finds, from furniture to decorative accessories, into her bedroom to make the space feel unique and inviting. “I feel like these vintage items bring a coziness and a lived-in look that cannot be achieved with items from the internet,” she says. You could find an antique bed, dresser, nightstands, or rug for underfoot. Or think more along the lines of something that you source and switch out from time to time to keep things fresh. For example, Alvarez drapes a vintage fabric remnant over her headboard, as shown above, which is an easy, no-sew way to personalize a plainer piece. 

Credit: Design by Storie Collective; Photography by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

If your bedroom contains light fixtures that do not include shades, you’ll want to remedy this ASAP, Alvarez says. “The one thing that shouts cold and uninviting is a bare light bulb,” she notes. Consider something with a little extra pop. “Updating your current paper or linen shades with a patterned lampshade to add color and texture is worth the investment and to be enjoyed year-round,” says designer Casey Sanford. While you’re at it, think about investing in better bulbs, too. Sanford suggests going with bulbs ranging from 2700k to 3000k to ensure your bedroom feels vibey and cozy. 

You may want to use wall-mounted sconces to free up space on your nightstands, especially if you’re dealing with limited square footage. Go for something quirky, says designer Sara Swabb, the founder of Storie Collective, whose work is pictured just above and at the top of the page. “Set the mood during your bedtime reading hour and install dimmers to upgrade your space,” Swabb adds. Battery-powered LED bulb-compatible versions will allow you to skirt having an electrician hardwire sconces in. 

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