How to Cope with Being Bored

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Everyone gets bored sometimes, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with! If you’re looking for a few creative ways to beat boredom, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a list of fun activities you can try to pass the time on a dull afternoon. We’ll also touch on some things you can try if the boredom is starting to get you down or making you feel a bit lonely.


[Edit]Crank up the music.

  1. Music tends to make almost everything more fun. Whether you’re stuck doing boring chores, trying to pass a dull day at work, or just aren’t sure how to fill your free time, listening to a few good tunes can help. Stick with upbeat music that you enjoy to help you feel reenergized and engaged.[1]
    • Try making a playlist of your favorite tunes on Spotify or tuning into an internet radio station that you’re unfamiliar with.
    • Check online to see if any of your favorite artists have any live streams coming up.[2]

[Edit]Have a solo dance party.

  1. Close your door, put on some tunes, and bust a move! Dancing is cathartic, it boosts your mood, gets your heart rate up, and it’s just plain fun. Since you’re alone, you can really let loose without worrying about being judged or feeling silly. Put on something with a beat and dance an afternoon away.[3]
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    • If you like disco, anything by Donna Summer or the BeeGees will get you moving.
    • If classic rock with a beat is more your speed, try Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”[4]
    • If you love a good club hit, check out Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” and Beyonce’s “Countdown.”
    • If you’re a K-pop fan, you can’t go wrong with BTS! Start with “Telepathy” and go from there.[5]

[Edit]Create a vision board.

  1. Vision boards allow you to set goals and get crafty all at once! Start by choosing any goal or project you want to focus on. Then, grab a stack of magazines and cut out images that reflect your goal in some way. Arrange the images on poster board and glue or tape them in place. Then, prop up the board somewhere in your room where you can look at it often and feel inspired.[6]
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    • If you don’t have magazines, print images from Pinterest or Instagram.
    • Create a digital board if you prefer to work that way. For example, use Pinterest or Tumblr, or download a vision board app.[7]

[Edit]Take a class.

  1. Learning something new is a great way to pass time. You can check out your local community college for classes or browse available classes online (some of those might even be free!) You never know what you might end up being awesome at.[8] If you’re looking for ideas, you might consider:
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    • Signing up for an online art class.[9]
    • Checking out improv classes at a local theater.
    • Streaming a cooking class from your kitchen.
    • Taking a foreign language class or using a language learning app.[10]
    • Learning to knit on YouTube.[11]

[Edit]Put together a puzzle.

  1. Stimulate your mind with an epic jigsaw puzzle. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is a fun way to spend an afternoon indoors, and you can do it alone or with friends/family. All you need is a large, flat surface where you can spread all of your pieces out.[12]
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    • If you aren’t feeling super motivated to work on personal projects, completing a puzzle might provide the mini confidence boost you need.
    • As an added bonus, studies show that working on puzzles reduces stress![13]

[Edit]Play a game.

  1. You have tons of options whether you’re solo or with your crew. If you’re stuck at home by yourself, try playing a video game, doing crosswords or Soduku, or dealing out a few rounds of Solitaire. If you have friends or family around, board games and card games can be a blast.[14]
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[Edit]Build a fort in your room.

  1. Grab some blankets and embrace your inner child. Building a fort is just good, silly fun! Gather some blankets, pillows, and couch cushions and build your masterpiece. Sprawl out on a few comfy pillows and spend an afternoon reading or watching movies in your fort.[15]
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[Edit]Let yourself daydream.

  1. Daydreaming can help you feel more relaxed and content. Allowing your mind to wander freely can be a beautiful thing. If your mind tends to wander into negative places, picture yourself in your happy place, like on a gorgeous beach or in a beautiful forest. Give yourself permission to unwind and let your mind go.[16]
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    • You might also spend time thinking about a fond memory or mentally reliving an amazing experience you had as a child.

[Edit]Stream a TV series or read a trilogy.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with binge-watching a show occasionally. Coping with boredom doesn’t have to mean filling up your time with as many productive tasks as possible! If you’re feeling mentally or emotionally exhausted, honor those feelings. Let yourself binge-watch a series or read all day! Think of it as a mental vacation so you can recharge.[17]
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[Edit]Connect with friends and family.

  1. Spend some quality time with your tribe. Boredom can feel lonely and claustrophobic, especially if you’re stuck in the house. Try reaching out to a friend or family member online or calling them up for a chat. Or you can set up a Zoom meeting with friends or host a streaming party with your siblings![18]
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[Edit]Turn mundane tasks into games.

  1. Dull activities don’t have to be relentlessly monotonous! It may sound silly, but this can help you engage more with what you’re doing and pass the time faster. For example, if you hate doing dishes, challenge yourself to do them as fast as you can. Can you beat your time from yesterday?[19]
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    • If you’re in a boring meeting, make a game of counting how many times Bill in Accounting shakes his head or how often Ellen from Sales clears her throat.

[Edit]Join a group or volunteer.

  1. Try this if boredom is starting to make you feel a bit lonely. Do what you can to get outside of your own head a little! Join a club or sports team so you can mingle with people who share your interests. Or you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or women’s shelter, sign up to read to the elderly at a nearby nursing home, or mentor a young person in your community.[20]
    Cope with Being Bored Step 12 Version 2.jpg
    • If you’re interested in activism, consider volunteering at an animal shelter or joining an environmental preservation group.
    • If you can’t physically volunteer, look into ways you can help community organizations remotely.[21]

[Edit]Create a to-do list if you feel aimless.

  1. Structuring your day can make it feel more meaningful. Boredom can make everything seem a little pointless. If you want some structure, try starting your day by making a list of tasks you want to accomplish. If that sounds too boring, make a list of things you want to explore or learn that day![22]
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[Edit]Try journaling if boredom is making you anxious.

  1. Writing in a journal can help you explore thoughts and emotions. If boredom is bumming you out a bit, you’re not alone—a lot of people feel this way when they get bored. Writing or drawing in a journal can help you work through emotions, process thoughts, and learn more about yourself. It can also be fun! Give yourself freedom to put whatever you want in your journal and see what emerges.[23]
    Cope with Being Bored Step 14 Version 2.jpg
    • If you aren’t sure what to write, try making a list of things you’re grateful for or describe the events of your day in detail.


  • Avoid negative coping mechanisms like drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, or stirring up drama. Those might seem like good ideas in the moment, but they aren’t healthy and won’t fulfill you.[24]

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