How I Decorated My Entryway for Fall

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Fall officially starts this week and I could not be more excited and ready for the season.

My blogging friends and I are celebrating the arrival of the season by taking you on a tour of one room in our home that represents fall decorating to each of us. What makes this fall room tour so special is how each of us interprets “fall decorating in our own style.

I will start “all things fall” with my two-story entryway.

Notice anything new?

Actually it is something rather old, but new to the entryway to give the space a new look without having to buy anything.

Why I Removed the Previous Blue Sideboard in the Entryway

Looking from entryway of house into brick floored foyer.

When I started to decorate the two-story space for fall, I wasn’t liking anything I was styling on the blue sideboard and finally gave up.

After some thought, I figured out what it was that was bothering me. The two-story space was suffering from too many small out-of-scale furnishings.

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In my previous house the blue painted sideboard (unpainted back then) in the entry worked well as the space was two-story, but narrow.

I had to remember that in decorating, just because something has always been used in the the same room, doesn’t mean it always has to be. I was forgetting all about repurposing furniture the way I do many other smaller objects.

It was time for a change.

I began to do a mental inventory of all the furniture in my house to see what I could use to swap out with the blue sideboard. When I got to the colorful guest room I got an idea. An idea that had me slapping my hand on my head, saying “Now why didn’t I ever think of this before”.

I ran for my measuring tape to figure out if my idea would work in the entry, and it did!

With Ed’s help we had the two pieces of furniture swapped from the guest room and entry with each ready for a new life in each room. The blue sideboard looks just fine in the guest room and since it is a smaller piece of furniture makes that room feel more spacious now.

The White Dresser Decorated for Fall in the Entry

When I say a big change, I am referring to the larger scale of the white sideboard/dresser compared to the smaller blue sideboard, not a big room makeover. Although the white dresser really does give the space a whole new look that welcomes us home in a bright new way.

View of entryway from second floor.

The two story space needed something bigger all over and the white sideboard was just what it needed without the need to buy a new piece of furniture.

You Don’t Need “Fall Decor” to Decorate for Fall

Fall decorating on a entryway sideboard.

Once we had the furniture swap done, I had no problem coming up with a way to decorate the space for fall. I never know exactly how a display or vignette on a table top or mantel will come out.

I always take my time to play and experiment with many different items until I like what I see.

Natural elements create fall decor on a white entryway sideboard.

I ended up using only one decorating item that is specifically “for Fall” – the brown and white pumpkin. The rest of the items I used to create fall in my entryway can be used any time of the year.

To make them look fall-like, the pumpkin, along with the colors and textures of the items I used are what bring it all together to say… it’s fall.

Birds eye view looking down into entryway from second floor of house.

I am so happy I took my time to think about options for the space.

The Many Lives of The White Sideboard/Dresser

Pine Hutch before and after painting white.

I am pretty content with the hand-me-down furniture I have and you know that I have no problem changing furniture and more to fit my style.

The white sideboard/dresser has had a few previous looks and lives before its new role in the entry. It was once the bottom of the dining room 3 part hutch in my previous house. I painted it white when I first started blogging 11 years ago.

When we moved to the lake house, we no longer had a dining room, so the bottom of the hutch became a dresser for one of the guest rooms and the crown molding along the top of the hutch became the mantel for the living room fireplace. The center hutch section went to the dump as we had no place for it and no one wanted it.

Entryway fall decorating ideas using what you already own.

Now I think the bottom of the old dining room hutch as an entry sideboard is my favorite use for it so far.

Purple distressed photo frame on tray with rocks and a wood bean garland.

To decorate the top, I used a distressed frame that was previously in my living room as the pop of color I always like to see in my decor. I placed a recent photo of my granddaughter in it. 🙂 The rocks were found outside.

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I made the beaded garland two years ago, but did change out the original orange and yellow raffia tassels to a more subtle yellow-green to go with the dried hydrangeas and overall “White and Woodsy” decorating I have throughout the house.

The tall candle holders I have used both inside and outside my house.

The branches are from a tree in my yard. I placed foam in the crock and pressed the end of the branches into the foam to secure them. I added three fall floral stems from the craft store to the crock and arranged them among the branches. Everything outside is still green except for the dried hydrangeas so a little help from faux foliage was needed.

Decorating Fall Entryway Idea Takeaways

White sideboard decorated for fall in two story entry.
  • Choose a few colors to add a pop of color to add interest to mostly neutral decor. I chose a light purple accent to go with the wood tone, pale orange and yellow-green.
  • Mix and match items of different heights to create flow and balance across the top of the sideboard, table or console.
  • Add texture in the way of baskets, wood, and branches or dried hydrangeas from your yard.
  • Color can come from natural elements or rustic designed accessories like the distressed purple frame.
  • Add a candle that you can light at night. If you don’t want to have a lit candle on unattended, these battery operated candles are the best. They come in a few different sizes, both in ivory and white.
Tall handled basket with stone pumpkin in front of it.

The only other items in the room are an antique music stand from Ed’s family and a tall basket with branches from a dead shrub placed inside, along with…

Tall handled basket with stone pumpkin in front of it.

…a craft store orange pumpkin that I made over with some DIY’ing to resemble stone. I will share how I did this in an upcoming post.

I intentionally do not use a rug in the space as it is a tripping hazard and blocks the swing of the doors.

Sideboard in entryway of house decorated for fall using various heights of decor.

Shopping my house and opening my mind to not overlook anything I owned to use in the space gave me just what I wanted… a fresh new look for the fall season.


Most of the items I used to decorate the room I have had for many years and are no longer available.

You may still be able to find:

  • Umber Striped Tray
  • Large White Candles
  • Brown and White Striped Pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby – no longer sold online, but it is in the store.
  • Faux Bois Candle Holders in Rustic Oak were from Balsam Hill – no longer available, but can get on a list to be notified.
  • Tall Wicker Basket – I bought at Kirklands 3 years ago.
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