We Gave a Stager $100 — Here’s What They Bought at Target to Upgrade a Dining Room

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If you’re anything like me, you regularly run into what I call the Target Dilemma. You go in for one thing, and end up leaving with four bags of products that you don’t necessarily need but couldn’t stand to leave behind. The Target Dilemma can cost quite a bit, so let’s bring it down to a manageable amount that you can use wisely in your home: $100 to stage a dining room.

We gave Jeremy Kamm, a Coldwell Banker Warburg agent who also has a staging company, $100 to spend on Target’s dining room products. Kamm did note that meaningfully staging a dining room with Target products isn’t the easiest, due to Target having higher prices than stores like Costco, but it can be done on a smaller scale. If you have a little bit of extra money to play around with, you can buy some nice inexpensive faux flowers for the table and use a vase you have at home to add some visual flair. 

Here’s what else Kamm would purchase.

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