Is It Time For “Family-Friendly” (LOL) Cute Spring Dresses?

Is It Time For “Family-Friendly” (LOL) Cute Spring Dresses?


They are called “PG-rated” dresses – easy to wear, easy to parent in (i.e. family-friendly), modest (if you are into that), and still cute (and great for church if that’s your thing, especially for my LDS readers:)) Less Tinder date, perhaps office-appropriate but mostly just nice for us to throw on to feel good and comfortable. Now these are different than summer dresses that are likely thinner, strapless, shorter, etc – but for spring dresses we want them to be more transition-y, not super thin fabric, and with a sleeve and some length. I tried a few and then we rounded up a bunch. Also perhaps good for Easter????

The Soren Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress | Heels

This one is a long sleeve shirt dress and that pattern is very forgiving and easy to wear. Would be cute with sneakers or flip-flops, too. The fabric is a bit thicker than cotton (think closer to a thin canvas?) which felt nicely structured.

The Somerset Maxi Dress | Sandals

Now this one is certainly more fun, in such great colors, and has a great pattern with the puff sleeves. Plus I love what that waist cinch is doing:)

Headband | Sunglasses | Dress | Purse | Bracelet (similarish) | Sandals

Still a new favorite for how affordable it is and how well it drapes (that gathering is only in the front, not the back which means it brings you in but doesn’t cling). Slam dunk. Also, headbands are back (which is GREAT since apparently I only highlight my hair twice a year now and I’m DESEPARATE – happening this Saturday. Yay!).

Rory Maxi Shirtdress | Flannel | Loafers

This one is from Frank & Eileen and is so great. It is on the pricey side but the quality is awesome, the drape is good, I love the distressed hem, and since it’s a shirtdress it’s the ultimate throw-on-and-go outfit. But when I want to add a little shape and pattern, I like to wrap one of my flannels around my waist.

Now here are 14 more dresses that I think are great for the “family-friendly” spring dress category:)

It’s no surprise that I love this dress. It’s denim, has big sleeves, and some cool details. I also like the buttons in the front because you have options on how much skin you want to show. Plus it can easily go from day to night. I think boots like the ones she has on look great but you could easily throw on some heeled boots to dress it up.

A great pattern, is so flowy, and has pockets. What more could you ask for an easy, cute dress?

This dress has “easy spring” written all over it. The tiers give it a little more interest than your average shirtdress, the sleeves are great (and it’s nice that they are slightly cropped), and I love a collar. The website also shows the model with a cute belt around her waist if that’s a look you’d prefer!

If you are looking for a floral spring dress I really like this one. The red is so fun and again, you know I love a puff sleeve. Plus that almost Victorian-esque collar is so good! This would be great for any party like a baby shower.

For under $100, I think this one is great and olive green is a great neutral. All of the lacey details really make it special. How cute are the scalloped hems?

This dress is so cool. It’s “springy” but modern. The color combo is chic and I really love the alternating fabrics with the one cuff and pocket. Plus it comes with a belt so you can show off your waist or not. Both options are great. I think this is a cool office look too:)

While this dress/pattern definitely feels super resort-wear to me, I think it’s real pretty. Caitlin on our team wears Farm Rio (this brand) all year round and she always looks awesome. So if you love a more detailed pattern then I heavily support this one. Plus those sleeves and scalloped trim are beautiful.

Oh, hey Target! That’s right, this romantic dress is under $50 and also comes in a bright pink if that’s more your speed. This feels more “special occasion-y” to me but could easily be worn as an everyday look with the right shoes and accessories.

Eloquii is a new to me brand that is very size-inclusive and has a really great inventory, BTW. This print is so fun and I love the pleating a lot. Chic and cool.

While this dress shape isn’t my favorite on my apple-shaped bod, I think it’s so cute! Those blues feel really fresh, the way the stripes are played with is fun, and the sleeves are pretty.

I have this dress and I love how casual and easy it is to wear. Now, it is thinly lined so it wouldn’t actually be great if you wanted a good amount of warmth. Otherwise 10/10!

This one from Madewell is so simple but looks so pretty at the same time. The cinching at the waist is nice and wide which is great, and the cap sleeve is really cute. Plus you know, pockets:)

I like this one from Madewell, too. It’s a romantic, utility-style dress. Right up my alley:) All those pockets look really cool and since this is a satin fabric, you don’t have to worry about any bulkiness.

For my final pick, I really like this affordable ($53) puff sleeve foral number. With a pattern like this, you don’t need much else to look put together which is always a bonus:)

Hope this helps anyone who has been looking for cute, easy, (but more modest) spring dresses. xx

*Photos by Kaitlin Green


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