Fall Decorating With Pumpkin Ideas (Easy)

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Can you feel it?  Fall is here. A chill is in the air – I needed to wear a hoodie over the weekend. It felt delicious! You know what else was wonderful – seeing pumpkins everywhere.

I love pumpkins – they are one of my favorite things – their bright orange color, the nesting feeling they bring to a home, and the pumpkin goodness they can be baked into.

White pumpkins and heirloom varieties have become very popular and easy to find, but the classic orange pumpkin will always be my go-to when decorating my house for the season.

Pumpkin Patch in Chapin SC

I celebrate the day I bring the first one into the house, but one is never enough. Decorating with pumpkins says “fall” more than any other autumn home decoration.

I love seeing a field of orange while out and about and stopping to pick a few that are calling my name.

pumpkin patch

In my 13 years of blogging, I have posted quite a few ideas on how I decorate with orange pumpkins, real along with faux pumpkins, both big and small. I adore them in their natural state when simply placed on a table, in an entryway or on a porch, but they can also be used to decorate a home in many other ways.

19 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins

For those of you that love all things cozy and all things pumpkin. Here is some pumpkin decorating inspiration and creative DIY ideas that are easy to do using the quintessential fall decorating staple.

1. In a China Cabinet


A pumpkin placed in a china cabinet says fall has arrived without having to style, carve or paint it for it to look decorative.

2. Grouping on a Fireplace Hearth


Three pumpkins of various sizes placed together on a fireplace hearth adds a cozy autumn vibe. Once Halloween rolls around, you can carve them to use a Jack-O-Lanterns on your front steps or porch to greet trick or treaters.

3. As Minimal Decor


If you have a wall mounted TV above a fireplace where there is not a lot of room to add decorations. Add a little bit of fall color and style along the mantel by placing a small pumpkin next to a glass vase with stems of fall foliage.

4. As a Backdrop Color in a Vignette

Easy to make fall photo frame that uses birch logs or a section of any tree branch. It can be done in under 10 minutes.

Orange pumpkins stand out and work nicely when placed behind something you want to display as a focal point like a rustically framed photo on a mantel or table.

5. On a Fireplace Mantel

DIY fall mantel decorating ideas using repurposed items

This It’s Fall Ya’All Mantel design looked nice before I added the small pumpkin, but after adding it, the whole mantel came together.

6. En Masse in a Dough Bowl of Planter

Paper mini pumpkins in a long wood bowl

One pumpkin always looks good, but more can look even better. Mini pumpkins en masse look great in a large dough bowl on a console table or as a centerpiece on a dining table.

7. Decoupaged With a Paper Napkin

napkin covered pumpkin

When decorating pumpkins you can use many craft items. Decorative Napkin Covered Pumpkins is easily done on real or fake pumpkins using Mod Podge or craft glue. You can also use tissue paper or washi tape. I did this on a real one and now wish I had done it on a fake one so I would still have it.

8. A Trio Styled on a Tray

Paper pumpkins on a bed of white beans on a tray

Small or mini pumpkins styled on a tray of dried white beans. The two textures and colors pop and look modern instead of rustic.

9. Carved Into a Trick or Treat Tote or Candle Holder


Crafty pumpkin decorations can be as unique as you want. I made this Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Tote out of a foam pumpkin for Halloween decor in my entryway.  I place it by the candy I give out on Halloween. A battery operated candle brings a glow to the eyes.  

You could also skip carving out the eyes and place stick on googly eyes on instead to use as a trick-or-treat tote.

10. Made Into a Candy Jar


Painted pumpkins are a trend. Take it a step further by transforming a foam pumpkin into a Candy Jar Pumpkin and chalkboard. It is a fun way to have your own private stash of candy corn or seasonal candy handy or filled for a Halloween party.

With some craft paint, a cabinet knob and hot glue you can have it made quickly.

I used black chalkboard paint and chalk, but you could use acrylic paint from the craft store, except spray paint that may eat the foam. You could even stencil patterns on the pumpkin.

11. As Your House Address Number


Another way to decorate pumpkins is by carving your House Address Number on the pumpkin and place on a front porch. It is easy to create with a Hot Knife.  When placed on a pedestal planter, a pumpkin goes upscale. It is one of my most popular pumpkin carving ideas.

Like this idea, but don’t want to carve the numbers? Use house number decals or stickers instead.

12. Nested in a Basket

Autumn-Mantel Decorating-Ideas-

I made shredding for a basket by running old book pages through my paper shredder.  When you place Jack-Be Little pumpkins on top you create Nested Pumpkin – your very own little pumpkin patch.

13. As Part of a Stylish Fall Coffee Table

How to decorate with trays for fall

When stying your coffee table for the fall season, don’t forget to add a pumpkin to the mix.

14. Placed on Candleholder

Pumpkins on a mantel raised on candle holders and candlesticks

When you place smaller sized pumpkins on candle holders you create Pumpkin Topiary.

15. Decorated with Raffia Tassels

raffia tassels on a pumpkin

Make Simple Tassels using raffia or ribbon in fall colors. Attach to the stem of the pumpkin.

16. Simply Placed on a Mantel

Fireplace mantel for a brick wall
Fall Home Tour

This pumpkin decor idea is my favorite because it is so simple to do. Simply place one or two on any surface when decorating your home. When paired with a pot of mums, your efforts says fall without having to fuss.

17. On a Dining Table


On a Thanksgiving Table place mini pumpkins and candles together in a wire basket or tiered stand.

18. As a Fall Table Centerpiece

pumpkins on a Thanksgiving table

Use a mix of larger and Jack-Be-Little pumpkins to create a simple table centerpiece. Add in a few berry stems or fall leaves if you have them. No flowers to arrange or water.

When the meal is done, the pumpkins can be used in other rooms in different ways.

19. Make Your Own Pumpkins

Chalkboard art for fall. Free printable with pumpkins - farm fresh pumpkins for sale by the pound.

If you love pumpkin decorations around the house as much as I do, then you can even draw your very own Pumpkin Patch Chalkboard.

the great pumpkin regatta

Pumpkins in all forms put a smile in my day. How about you, how do you decorate with pumpkins around your house?

Mini pumpkins in a dough bowl

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