DIY Serving Tray Ideas for All Seasons

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How to add DIY style, your favorite colors and patterns to any serving tray you already own to use as home decor or as a stylish way to serve guests for a special event or the holiday season. 

Serving trays can be used for more than just carrying food. They can also be used for decoration. But did you also know that when you make and add a colorful DIY tray insert to a plain tray, the tray can change in an instant to coordinate with a room, event or holiday.

Wicker basket tray completed with autumn leave pattern paper. White plates and brown and white napkin and rustic mug.

They can be used as a decorative dining room table centerpiece, a place to display a collection on your living room coffee table, as an ottoman tray or hung on a wall, or used on a counter to corral small items. Learn how easy serving tray inserts are to make.

They are so easy to make that you may find yourself wanting to make a few of them using your favorite fabrics or decorative paper so you can change them out for your entertaining and decorating needs.


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