Designer Natalie Tredgett Transforms Her Victorian House With Bold Color And Daring Design

From the outside, it looks exactly like every other house on the southwest London block: Victorian terrace style, traditional red brick, with a wrought-iron gate leading to a glossy black front door. But once inside, hang on to your hat. In the hallway, vibrant peony pink walls lead the eye to a curvaceous leopard-print sectional beyond, the view framed by a classic Victorian archway topped with a cornice pressed from a mold made from tennis balls. There’s not one but three living rooms, each a different color and mood. “I wanted our home to feel joyful and unexpected — full of surprises,” says designer Natalie Tredgett, an effortlessly elegant Montreal-born Canadian, who once hung a trapeze in the living room for her three children. She describes color the way a chef would the ingredients in a favorite recipe, likening the custom shade of her kitchen ceiling to “the purple-tinged pink of a ripe raspberry mixed with a bit of rhubarb.”

It’s hard to imagine Natalie immersed in anything but the world of design, happily plucking inspiration from fashion, music, art, architecture and movies like a style magpie. But when she met her husband, Jon Tredgett, a London funds manager who’s also Canadian, Natalie was working as a management consultant. She longed for “a change and a bit of an adventure.”

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