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Today is all about fast and easy 20-Minute Decorating ideas.

It is also about finding new ways to use what you may have hidden away in a closet, drawer, or cabinet that could be used in a creative way.

Collection of paper napkins in a long organizing bin.

What is this item? Colorful paper napkins.

Pretty pink background napkin with multicolored flowers from Target

Pretty Floral Boho Paper Napkin

Paper napkins are inexpensive and come in many pretty colors and patterns. They can be used for more than wiping food from your face or placed on a lap.

I have used them to cover drawer pulls, decorate plastic pumpkins, and make ugly plastic flower pots decorative.

Earlier in the summer when we had family visiting, we decided to eat outside on the picnic table out on the lawn.

I wanted to keep things simple, but also make the meal feel special and remembered seeing a DIY table runner idea using paper napkins. I decided to try it out.

Colorful patterned paper napkin runner on wood picnic table on lawn.

All I needed was dinner size square paper napkins and clear tape. It worked very well.

I liked the idea so much that I went and got a glue stick and added smaller cocktail napkins on top of the square dinner napkins to create a patchwork of color and pattern to run down the center of the table.

How to Use Paper Napkins to Make a Dining Table Runner

supplies needed:

  • Paper napkins
  • Clear tape
  • Optional: glue stick
How to tape paper napkins together to make a picnic table runner.

Lay out dinner-size napkins along the table face down. Use tape on the backs to attach them together. Then flip the runner over.

  • To add more color and patterns, use a glue stick to center smaller napkins on top of the larger ones.
White and pink and green striped paper napkins made into an outdoor picnic table runner.

Fun, easy and done in 20 minutes… no ironing linens needed. 🙂

Outdoor picnic table with a colorful table runner in center made with paper napkins.

If you are looking for a few more easy decorating ideas to do around your house to add color and style, check out what these bloggers created that can be done in 20 minutes.


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