One Fun Way to Use That Extra Daylight, According to Your Zodiac Sign

One Fun Way to Use That Extra Daylight, According to Your Zodiac Sign


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If you’re feeling uninspired, consider looking to astrology for ideas. Your zodiac sign contains infinite wisdom about your personality, life trajectory, and preferences — including how you like to use your leisure time. That’s all the more true if you tap into your full astrological birth chart. (You can calculate yours here, but be warned that you’ll need your birth time for an accurate snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born.)

Below, find some fun Daylight Saving Time ideas for all 12 zodiac signs. Think of this list as a jumping-off point. If a suggestion resonates, run it, and if it doesn’t, try something else. (For the astrologically savvy: Also scan the entries for your natal Venus sign, which reflects what you find pleasurable, and your Mars sign, which represents what spurs you to action.)

Aries: Start a fitness challenge.

Cardinal-sign Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of action and ambition. And yes, “action” includes physical exercise. Embrace your inner firestarter by using that extra daylight to start a fitness challenge. Your sign tends to favor short, high-intensity workouts, but you’ll benefit just as much from a slower, gentler form of movement, such as yoga or walking.

Taurus: Hurkle-durkle a bit longer.

Are you familiar with hurkle-durkle? Popularized by a viral TikTok, this Scottish phrase essentially means luxuriating in bed after you wake up in the morning. If you’re a Bull, you have to try it this spring — that is, if you aren’t already a proficient hurkle-durkler. As a fixed earth sign, you love creature comforts (and struggle with transitions), so you may do this anyway.

Gemini: Journal before bed.

Geminis are ruled by fast-moving Mercury, the planet of analysis and communication. Your mind moves a mile a minute, which makes you quick-witted … and prone to over-thinking. With your extra hour of daylight, consider starting a daily journaling practice. You’ll enjoy this nightly ritual of getting those racing thoughts out of your head and onto the page.

Cancer: Do a cozy cardio workout.

Cancers get their characteristic sensitivity from their ruling planet, the moon, which governs your emotions and physical bodies. Your sign operates best within the confines of your comfort zone, which is why you’ll love cozy cardio workouts. These slow, low-impact fitness routines are designed to be completed at home — a godsend for the zodiac’s resident homebody.

Leo: Go for a hot girl walk.

As the confident, Sun-ruled hotties of the zodiac, Leos are cosmically destined to embark on hot girl walks. This viral movement practice involves going for long walks with intention (and a killer pump-up playlist, if you feel so inclined). Be sure to get yours in before sunset to really soak up that extra hour of daylight.

Virgo: Take up a new craft.

Virgos also answer to brainy Mercury, but your earth-sign nature makes you more tactile and detail-oriented. As the days get longer, consider taking up a new craft at home. The more meticulousness it requires, the better (think: embroidery or needlepoint). You’ll thoroughly enjoy the process of learning a new skill and applying that knowledge in a creative way.

Libra: Give yourself a manicure.

Libras are governed by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. You’re naturally inclined toward aesthetics, and you value putting your best foot forward. Lean into it by giving yourself at-home manicures or pedicures. You don’t have to get fancy with it, but don’t be surprised if you end up tackling statement-making nail art. As a sociable air sign, designs that start a conversation are right up your alley.

Scorpio: Add a new dinner to your rotation.

As a fixed sign, Scorpios like what they like … which also means they sometimes get stuck in their ways. This spring, mix up your meal plan by trying out a new-to-you dinner recipe. Your sign is ruled by Mars, which governs all things hot and spicy, so I’d recommend a flavorful curry or noodle soup. If you like what you make, add it to your weekly dinner rotation.

Sagittarius: Call up a long-distance friend.

Fire-sign Sags are known for their larger-than-life personalities — and brutal honesty. Your sign isn’t above a little gossip, and you love a good venting sesh. With your extra hour of daylight, make a habit of scheduling catch-up calls with your long-distance friends or loved ones. You’ll end these convos feeling energized and closer to the people you love.

Capricorn: Watch a documentary.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and reality checks, rules Capricorn, hence this sign’s trademark seriousness. You’re pragmatic by nature, and your idea of leisure is using your spare time to enrich your life. Expand your mental horizons by watching a documentary or docuseries. That way, you’ll be entertained and informed.

Aquarius: Play a cozy video game.

Air sign Aquarians have a natural affinity for technology. If you’re not already into gaming, you should try it, and a cozy video game is the perfect place to start. These low-stakes, aesthetically pleasing games, like the ultra-popular Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will help you unwind at the end of the day (and indulge your not-so-secret nerdy side).

Pisces: Binge-watch some TV.

Real talk: Pisces love a periodic escape from reality. Thank your ruling planet, Jupiter, which governs all things expansive and indulgent. This spring, appease your inner escapist by binge-watching that TV show you’ve been meaning to stream. As a sensitive water sign, you’re primed to enjoy art that moves you, whether that’s a high-stakes drama or sitcom that makes you cry laughing.


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