Cosmic Gypsy Tarot & Music: September 7-13, 2020: Sharing Your Gifts With The World

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Welcome to the weekly vibe tarotscope for September 7-13, 2020!

This week, we had the 6 of Pentacles followed by the Ace of Wands. Here, we are called to really reflect back on our life, honoring how far we have come, acknowledging all that we have been through, all that we have learned, and all that we now have to share with the world. With the 6 of Pentacles, we are reminded that it is in the giving that we truly receive. When we give of ourselves – our time, our efforts, our unique gifts, we co-create with the Universe miracles that we never could have expected. The Universe meets and exceeds those efforts, and we slip into the natural rhythm of the Universe…one that elevates and supports, and ushers in the transformation that is happening on our planet right now. 

This is a critical time for all of us! It is the responsibility of every single person on this planet to show up, empowered, authentic, and ready to be of service to the change that is happening. The tarotscope for this week is a gentle reminder that when we do that, our efforts will truly create that Ace of Wands energy – the firey, passionate, and creative energy that is inherent in all of life. This is TRUE co-creation.

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