Cosmic Gypsy Tarot & Music: September 28-October 4, 2020 – Shadow Work & Self Love

Welcome to the weekly vibe tarotscope for September 28 – October 4, 2020!

This week, we have the 4 Of Swords, the 10 of Cups, & a Shadow Work Oracle Card! This has the capacity to be a really intense week for many of us. It is critical that we take time out for our self care so that we can restore ourselves and be ready to face the challenges that arise. As we take a little bit of extra time for ourselves, this is a great week to dig into the painful and unpleasant areas, really evaluating the parts of us that cause us to react out of fear, anger and hurt. 

It is a bit of a continuation from last week where the cards asked that you have more compassion for yourself, and more compassion for others. This is ongoing work that requires a big shift and constant care and attention. However, this work is SO worth it. It leads to more heart centered connections with one another, and the opportunity to take our relationships to the next level of intimacy and love. 

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