Cosmic Gypsy Tarot & Music: September 14-20, 2020: Should I stay or go?

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Welcome to the weekly vibe tarotscope for September 14-20, 2020!

This week, we 2 of Wands, followed by the 9 of Swords. Many of us are exploring big decisions right now as our fears, worries and anxieties lead us to confront the truth within ourselves. For some, it will very directly be “should I stay in this situation or not?” The decision to stay or leave, whatever the circumstance, will have lasting implications on our lives and deserves the time and attention necessary to gain the clarity to move forward. 

The heavy emotions we have been feeling are pointing to our pain, and our pain is there as a teacher. What is it, in this…job, relationship, circumstance…that is causing me to experience this anxiety, worry and fear? What is the truth about how I feel about? How do I think about it? What caused those thoughts and feelings as a reaction? It’s a time for digging deep and not stopping until you have clarity. 

For many of us, we will find that quite often, our pain is pointing us to feelings of unworthiness, shame, guilt. Can we get honest with ourselves about that? Do we dare admit that deep down, because we don’t feel worthy, we find ourselves in situations that keep trying to prove our belief system…unsupportive or abusive relationships (with ourselves or others), unsatisfying careers, feelings of stress, depression, anxiety. Whatever it is that keeps us in bondage, holding us back from true empowerment. I’m here to remind you that yes. YOU ARE WORTHY. The dreams you have always dreamed for yourself, you can have those dreams. You are worthy of them.

But big change is scary under the best of circumstances. But then throw in a pandemic, impending flue season, civil unrest, system collapses and a critical election (among other things)….how do you take that on? Do you dare add another crisis onto compounding crises? 

The answer for each of us will be different – and that is as it should be. (All is in Divine timing.)

But the process of making the decision deserves some attention and care, as do the wounded places within us. Yes, you deserve a some nurturing as you struggle through this self discovery process – so be that for yourself – and if you can, be that for others as well. 

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