Cosmic Gypsy Tarot & Music: August 24-30: A Time For Deep Healing

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To support you this week, check out the Spirit Voyage Spotify Playlist Heart Healing. Ra Ma Da Sa is a mantra of deep healing that has been chanted by thousands of yogis over time. Tap into this sound current, and use it as a balm for your heart as you this healing work.

I’d also like to recommend a silent meditation for you this week. So often, we let our minds be distracted by the mantras that we chant, that we forget to sit and observe the games that the mind likes to play. So this week, find some quiet space to sit and breathe. Focus on your breath. Feel it going in and out of your nose. That’s all you have to do. Your mind will start to wander. That’s ok, that’s what the mind does. See this as information. Then bring your awareness back to your breath. By doing this kind of mindfulness practice, we are hip to the tricks the mind likes to use to distract us. We can witness the mental loops it likes to take us on, and then they have less power over us. I hope this practice is helpful for you!

With all my love, 
Simranpreet (Jenni ?)

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