A Bright & Airy Waterfront Condo For A Real Estate Agent And Fitness Entrepreneur

A Bright & Airy Waterfront Condo For A Real Estate Agent And Fitness Entrepreneur


Alina Misch and Dmitry Mishenko new they made a good choice when they purchased a Vancouver waterfront condo in the Azura II development back in 2008. Built in the early aughts, the water-facing tower in Vancouver’s Yaletown neighborhood had great amenities, generous layouts and a view that couldn’t be beat. The only problem? After nearly 10 years in their two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite, Alina, a real-estate agent, Dmitry, an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, and their young son, Mike, were feeling cramped. So, in 2019, when they saw that a 1,760-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath condo four floors up was on the market, it felt like the stars had aligned.

But it wasn’t a dream scenario. “The decorating was horrible,” says Alina of the condo’s gaudy style. There was thick brown carpeting throughout, mustard-colored walls and ceilings, gold drapes and red velvet furniture. “I didn’t even want to look at it,” she adds. The only positive was that same, take-your-breath-away view. The couple purchased the suite, then quickly recruited designer Peter Wilds to redesign and redecorate the space. “Peter’s work has a timeless look with a European feel, and he had helped us with some furniture and decorating in our previous place,” says Alina. “I knew he could make this into our dream home!” Peter planned a comprehensive gut reno and design, including clever storage solutions and lots of mirrors to reflect the view, with the aim of creating a bright and airy space where the family could stretch out. Covid delays and securing a permit were major hurdles. But, in the spring of 2021, the project finally got underway and wrapped eight months later. “The pause actually allowed us the time to perfect the design,” says Peter.

Walls clad in Benjamin Moore’s classic Chantilly Lace now create a light envelope, with natural wood tones, stone and subtle pops of color layered in. “I let myself be inspired by the space, in terms of its height and relationship to the sky,” says Peter. To give the young family more storage, a custom shoe closet was installed in the foyer and the kitchen was extended into what was once a glass solarium. In the dining room, French doors leading to Mike’s bedroom were eliminated and relocated so that a custom, 14-foot-long sideboard could be installed along the wall — it’s a perfect place to store toys. The principal bedroom closet was also completely reconfigured with new millwork to maximize every square inch.

Today, the family is settled in to their new home, and the mustard walls and gold and velvet accents feel like a distant memory. “I love the vibe when you walk in to the space now,” says Alina. “It feels so spacious and bright, just like we imagined.”


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