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How to Care for a Garden (for Renters)

While most landlords will do annual maintenance on your property, the day-to-day maintenance will most likely be up to you. This usually includes mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and edging the property. If you’d like to grow edible plants, you can try some alternative ways to grow your own food ...

How to Make Potato Fry

Aloo fry is a staple in most Indian kitchens. These golden fried potatoes come together quickly and are great with any meal. Kids love the flavor and crunch of simple aloo fry, which you can make by frying small potato cubes until they're browned. If you'd like a more flavorful fry, try it ...

How to Buy a Ukulele

Is your heart set on the bright-sounding ukulele? Well, now it's time to buy one! Buying a ukulele is definitely not the same as buying a car, but there are a few things you should remember before buying one, so you don't end up with a purchase you regret. Steps Choosing a Size and Material ...

How to Keep a Loaf of Bread Fresh

As delicious as bread may be, no one wants to bite into a stale or moldy slice. If you don’t keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels of your bread, it’s more likely to go bad at a fast pace. Thankfully, you can use standard household tools and appliances to keep your bread looking and ...

3 Ways to Play With Dogs

About This Article Co-authored by Dog Behaviorist & Trainer This article was co-authored by Beverly Ulbrich, MBA. Beverly Ulbrich is a Dog Behaviorist and Trainer and the Founder of The ...

How to Clean an Instant Pot

Thanks to all the different functions, having an Instant Pot can be a terrific experience. But it's a device with a number of small parts and lots of crevices where food can get stuck. That's why proper maintenance is key if you want this appliance to last. Make sure you get the most out of it ...

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