The Link Up: A Weekender Bag That Prevents Heavily Wrinkled Clothes, Gretchen’s Affordable Raincoat, And A DELICIOUS Dinner Recipe – Emily Henderson

The Link Up: A Weekender Bag That Prevents Heavily Wrinkled Clothes, Gretchen’s Affordable Raincoat, And A DELICIOUS Dinner Recipe – Emily Henderson


Happy Sunday everyone! Well, this past week was a great one because Em and the LA gals got to spend some much-needed quality time together. We, of course, wised Gretchen was there but don’t worry she got a post-lunch/post-fun beverages FaceTime call:) This next week, we have a much-awaited reveal coming but before that let’s see these links.

This week’s house tour blew our socks off! The owner is none other than the actor Josh Brolin who describes his style as “nutty kaleidoscope” and “Old World European busyness”. As an art collector (OMG the art!), he and his wife clearly had a vision for this home but they knew that hiring the incredible Pierce & Ward team would make it come to life. The art, the warmth, the details (peek the red sink with tiled feet!), everything is special. Please go look at it ASAP.

From Emily: Brian bought his own luggage (which astounded me, by the way – the guy has used the same Target carry-on for decades). But he needed a carry-on that would hold his suit for a quick trip without wrinkling it terribly. So he bought this one and while I’m sure there are fancier ones on the market, this $45 bag did the job so well (and looked nice). If you know anyone (including me) who does fast 2-3 day trips for work and doesn’t want to steam everything all the time, this is a great new take on the more traditional “suit bag”.

From Caitlin: Can I please take a second to shout out my incredible nail artist, Nia? If you’re in LA, you’ve got to book an appointment with her! (She has parking!) And if you’re not in LA, you’ve gotta follow her on Instagram – the photos she posts of her work are so inspiring. Just need to show you the manicure I got last week, which was inspired by some Mexican folk art and Otomi textiles – it was such detail-oriented work and she just did such an incredible job! I’ve been seeing her for the past two years – longer than my actual relationship! – and it’s just SO FUN to develop real friendships with talented professionals like her. LOOK AT HER IG!

Also from Caitlin: This Monday, the LA girlies on the EHD team had the chance to meet up for some lunch and some much-needed hang time! (I’m not going to say that the lunch started at 1 and ended after 10, but that MIGHT be true.) Anyway – when Mal saw me, the first thing she did was compliment my hair (sweetie!) and ask if I had just gotten it done. AND IT’S BEEN MONTHS SINCE MY LAST TRIM, GUYS! My secret? This $40 thermal brush breathes life into my hair and just makes it look like I’ve had a round-brush blowout. I’m not good at hair tools and this one is good enough that I can’t stop talking about it!

Gaspard Outdoor Sofa | Miami House Rings | Selby Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor furniture lines are coming in hot and Soho Home just launched theirs! It’s very much inside furniture for outside. And look, this is a luxury brand with luxury brand price tags so we know that it’s not going to be for the majority of us. But we love looking at pretty things…and these things are very pretty. Go check it out!

From Mallory: If you want a recipe that sounds and tastes restaurant-quality but is actually INSANELY EASY to make – this is for you. I found this miso butter salmon recipe on TikTok and made it twice now and it absolutely crushes. Don’t let it scare you. It’s fast and easy to make and tastes so delicious –– I paired mine with some stir-fried vegetables (which I sautéed then topped with sauce #1 from this video) and coconut rice on the side and the whole dinner was one of the best meals I’ve ever made. Highly recommend trying it out!!

From Arlyn: The first time I actually heard about ThredUp was through a partnership Emily had with them years before I even worked for her. I always meant to check it out but honestly, never really did. Thrifting clothes you can’t try on or return when you have a curvy figure and a large chest is super tricky, but recently, it’s my first stop for anything I need to buy my kid. For instance, I needed a raincoat for her since it’s the wet season, but I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one given it doesn’t rain here beyond winter so she’d likely be grown out of it the next rainy season. Did a quick search and found one for $6! And then…I meandered into the adult premium denim section and found some fabulous Banana Republic jeans in my size for about $15. They have Farm Rio (Caitlin loves their dresses!), Joe’s Jeans, plus sizes, maternity…check it out!

Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirtdress | Panama Hat | Classic-Fit Beach Shirt

In case you had your eye on anything from J. Crew, they are having a 40% off almost everything and an extra 40% off sale that goes through tomorrow!

From Jess: Last weekend my childhood best friend and I had a “fun day” which included getting massages. It was a dream! My wonderful massage therapist recommended I get a spike massage ball to roll under my feet while I’m at my desk to help with general tension as well as my back and shoulder pain. It’s easy, pretty mindless, and for under $10 you can’t beat it. Could be a nice thing for anyone who also sits at a desk for long hours like me.

From Gretchen: I’ve been popping over to Target a lot lately and just keep finding the best stuff! I brought a bunch of clothes home to try out and while I had a few misses I also had some major hits! One of which was this rain coat. It is SUCH a good fit, very lightweight, and moves well. I really love the shape of it and how long it hits on my body. Plus it’s only $45 which feels pretty dang reasonable for a jacket like this. Probably going to be living in it until summer weather officially hits!

ATTENTION! We have another Fix it Friday that Arlyn will be tackling next week: Curtains! Here’s the info:

Having trouble deciding on what kind of curtains to pick for your windows? Roman shades (inside mount…outside mount…), solar shades, draperies…we get it, it’s tricky! But we’re here to help. If you’ve been struggling with your window covering choices, send us 2-3 tidy photos (iPhone pics are fine!) of the room you need help figuring out plus a few sentences describing your struggle. Your space may just get selected for an upcoming Fix It Friday post.

Send the above to by Wednesday, March 13 to be considered.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: The Finished Patio (With The Tile!)


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