The Link Up: The Calming Show Em Is Shocked Everyone LOVES, Mal’s Perfect Summer Set, And The $15 Electric Shaver We Won’t Live Without – Emily Henderson

The Link Up: The Calming Show Em Is Shocked Everyone LOVES, Mal’s Perfect Summer Set, And The $15 Electric Shaver We Won’t Live Without – Emily Henderson


Happy Sunday! It’s fair to say that everyone on the team was READY for Friday this past week. All good things, but it was definitely a week that wiped us out (we can still blame it on Mercury Gatorade, right?? :)). Not complaining though! But it’s probably best that we get straight into these links…

This week’s house tour was just a joy to see! The comedy powerhouse couple, June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer, have a home that is not only full of character but is somehow both moody and airy. And if you’ve ever listened to June’s (and Jessica St. Clair’s) podcast, The Deep Dive, you would expect nothing less than perfection. Go see it in all its glory and peep those green ceramic candlestick holders that we now must have:)

From Emily: The “right before bed” show that we let our kids watch ON A WEEK NIGHT. I won’t deny that we watch TV many nights a week together after dinner if there is time (they are upstairs by 8, usually asleep by 8:30 if you want to know). Brian recently reset our smart TV to automatically start with the Bob Ross painting show instead of whatever annoying news program was coming on and y’all, all of us are MESMERIZED by it. So if they want “just one more” show (if we’ve exhausted the Blueys and finished whatever design/art competition show we are binging – 4th Season of Blown Away is out BTW) we happily throw on the calmness of Bob Ross and watch him paint a beautiful seascape. Man, he makes painting look so easy and it’s just really calm and inspiring. All of us LOVE IT.

From Gretchen: A few weeks ago, our photographer, Kaitlin turned me onto a new iPhone tripod attachment. With the amount of content I need to capture on the daily, a good phone mount is a must. And thank goodness I’ve now got this one! Gone are the days of adjusting the old, crappy, plastic phone holder I had been using, what felt like 11,182 times just to get it to sit straight. This new mount uses a ball head design so I can spin, angle, and LOCK the phone to sit exactly where I want it to. Every. Time. It’s very robust, made out of aluminum so I know it will last, and aligning the shot so it sits totally straight is now a breeze! It works on just about any tripod base, so even if you go the cheaper, plastic route on the stand, springing for the mount makes the whole setup feel like a million bucks–even though it’s only $40, which for a product this good feels like a steal of a deal! Highly recommend.

From Alryn: I first learned of the clothing brand Boden when I was spending far too much money on baby clothes for my unborn daughter (now it’s basically strictly Target ha!). The first two things I ever bought her before she was Earthside were a bumblebee dress and a fox jumper, and the quality on those is SO unbelievable. It feels like pieces I’ll pass on to my grandchildren one day, honestly. Not everything is necessarily that level, but everything I’ve gotten from Boden since, including for myself, has been so wonderful and well worth the price. If you’re looking to buy something special for yourself or your kids (or as a gift to someone else), definitely check out this brand.

From Caitlin: I recently discovered Deliberation Station – a $3 printout with 14 questions, designed to help me shop more thoughtfully – and I’m kind of stunned by how helpful it is (and non-restrictive, too – still room for some fun!). I always try to be a conscientious consumer, but I have a medium-sized case of FOSO (fear of selling out) and questionable impulse control so it can be really easy to fly through an online checkout without a second thought…until now. I really wish I didn’t need a worksheet to help me shop (especially as a grown adult in her 30s!) but if it helps, it helps, you know? If nothing else, they’re great questions to keep in mind as you shop!

From Jess: This might be my second time recommending this product but given it’s been a while, I used it this week, and I still love it after 4+ years, it’s worth shouting out again. Actually, a few months ago my best friend asked me what I did about my upper lip hairs. I told her I use this wonderful little electric shaver and have never looked back. To think I bleached my ‘stashe for over a decade when I could have just done a quick buzz buzz, it’s wild. Look, it’s my mother’s fault who put the fear of god in me that if I waxed or shaved my mustache it would grow in patchy and look bad. To be fair she’s not wrong in the patchy department but since my hair is thin and not super dark, it’s really not noticeable. It’s a whopping $15 and I hope it sets you free too:)

From Mallory: I’m a sucker for fun pants and I found my latest victim. These are literally called resort pants and they’re SO cute on – they make the booty pop while still being comfy and light and flowy!! How do they do it?! And for only $25??? Add these to cart y’all. Plus it comes with a matching top I just bought too bc we’re about to go to Mexico. It’s perfect and I’ll be able to wear them all summer long.

Lastly, we got an Instagram DM from a follower who is desperately trying to help a beloved Portland nurse, Stephanie Payne, who not only recently lost her husband to dementia but during the January ice storm had her home hit by a ton of trees causing an unbelievable amount of damage. The pictures are so awful. Her insurance will hardly cover anything which has made it impossible to live in her home. Here is her GoFundMe that friends started on her behalf if you are able to contribute anything.

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Styled by Emily Henderson | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: A Fun Fast Post About Sweet New Spring Decor With Lots Of Random Shout Outs Including…HAPPY WORKAVERSARY GRETCHEN!!!!


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