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We keep the Premium Advertising on this Website to offer a better user experience, relevant for our Audience and all the ad units are placed manually so that they won’t be filtered out by any of those ad blockers.

What are the available advertising options?

  1. Sponsored Post Advertise
    If you want me to write an article featuring your website then you can buy a Sponsored Post. When you buy a Sponsored Post, you need to submit us your article (search and user-friendly) with one or two links to your website. Your article should be relevant to our website.

Pricing for a Sponsored Post will be $30 per post.

All sponsored links will be no-followed with proper disclosure.

  1. Sponsored Link Advertise
    Sponsored Link is a site-wide text link ad that appears on the sidebar of the website. It appears more natural and often gets a higher click-through-rate when compared to banner ads.

Pricing will be $50 per link per month, or $300 for 6 months, or $500 for 12 months.

Note: All sponsored links will be nofollowed with proper disclosure. Maximum of 5 sponsored links at a time.

  1. Sponsored Review
    If you want to promote or review your product on our website then you can buy a Sponsored Review on our website. When you buy a sponsored review, we will personally review your product or service and will write an unbiased review.

We will accept your offer only if we feel that your product is relevant and is something we want to spread.

Pricing will be $50–$200 per review and it depends upon the nature of your product or service and the potential word count.

Your sponsored review will stay on the homepage for at least 30 days and may reappear on homepage if we choose to update the sponsored review in future.

  1. Display Ads Advertise
    Display Ads are various sizes of banner ads that appear on the website/blog.

Pricing will be $10 per month, or $25 for 3 months, or $50 for 6 months, 100$ for 1 year.

If you want to Advertise on then Contact Us: info (at) nxtlifestyle (dot) com