Adding Fall Color to the Living Room

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This is the first fall season ever that I don’t have a fireplace mantel to create a decorative focal point for my living room or a coffee table to decorate for fall.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make when decorating our homes for any season is spending too much time looking at what everyone else has or is doing, and not giving enough time to figure out what is most important, relevant for our space, our wants and unique needs for our circumstances. It feels safer to do what everyone else is doing.

Neutral fall colored pillows on white sofa

I had to keep this advice in mind after thinking I wasn’t even going to share how I decorated my living room this year for fall since the room is in a state of limbo. Along with this there are no large surfaces to decorate since there is no longer a mantel or a coffee table in the room.

When we removed the stone fireplace from the brick wall in the living room earlier in the year, I thought by now I would have come up with something new to place above the firebox on the brick wall. (If you missed why we had to remove it, it wasn’t up to code, so instead of worrying about it, we removed it.)

I have considered many ideas for the fireplace, but none have gotten me excited enough to do yet, so I haven’t done a thing since painting the bricks and adding the decorative paneled screen I glaze painted.

I have found that I am beginning to like the white painted brick wall without a mantel. It makes the room feel more spacious.

Green, purple and white fall colors for living room color scheme.

I do however like to decorate the room for fall, so instead of a mantel being the focal point, I created a new focal point where I placed the paneled green screen against the wall.

Colorful Fall Decor Using What I Already Had

green wooden screen with purple tassel and rope wrapped lamp in front of it showing fall colors of green and purple

When considering how to decorate the living room, I like to use as many items from nature that I can find to bring inside and items I already own. This year, I also didn’t want to purchase anything new.

I was happy to find a skein of purple raffia left over when I made rustic fall tassels a few years ago. I hung the tassel from the knob on the bulb socket of the floor lamp.

hyacinth hurricane candle holder on round wood wicker side table

Over the years I have added more and more battery-operated white pillar candles, not only to my living room, but all around the house.

This candle is from Pottery Barn. It is pricy, but worth it as I use it and others every night. It looks so real and I have not had to replace a battery yet after two years. 🙂

I like using these so I don’t have to worry about leaving a candle lit unattended. I bought the hyacinth glass hurricane on the table over the summer at Walmart. The faux fall leaves I bought at the craft store years ago.


I also have a few battery-operated candles from Amazon in a dough bowl on the console table. Two of these stopped working a few months ago. They are less expensive, but don’t seem to last as long.

Two tier white side table with woven tray a small pumpkin and candle in glass hurricane

My mom made it back in 1973 when she was taking ceramic classes. That was a popular thing to do back then. She loved decorating the house for fall, so bringing it out every fall reminds me of her.

wicker tray table with two Autumn books on it

When the winter comes and we want to use the fireplace, I will move the sofa back over to the mirrored wall. I really like it placed here though so I may hesitant doing it until absolutely necessary.

3 fall pillows lined up on white sofa

The pillow covers on the sofa pillows are a few years old. I found them on clearance at Pottery Barn.

Bare wood sideboard with dried leaves and branches in large planter.

On the console, I added branches from the yard mixed in with faux fall florals that I used to decorate my foyer for fall in past years.

All during the season I will bring in and add more natural fall elements as I find them outside.

fall decorated living room in bright colors

I wasn’t going to hang the throw blanket holder back up that I made last winter. Without the stone fireplace, it is just hanging out in no-man’s land. But it is such a functional item I put it back up for the time being.

So as you can see even with the room in a state of change, plus no mantel or coffee table, I still made changes using what I already owned to bring a little bit of fall to the room.

How about you? How are you going to decorate your living room for the season.

Do you have any special decorations or items you like to display?

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