A North Shore Home Enriched With Texture + Jewel Tones

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This home in Waverton on Sydney’s Lower North Shore was a beautifully maintained and extended worker’s cottage—but it was lacking in personality.

After purchasing the property, the new owners engaged Claudia Lambert Interiors to transform the blank slate with quality materials and finishes reflective of their style and interests. 

Fundamental to the brief was to create a clear, strong voice for the home, with nods to their Indian cultural heritage. ‘The home needed to be family friendly but visually beautiful. They wanted to entertain and have people fall in love with each space,’ explains Claudia.

The clients weren’t interested in a disruptive renovation, so the project was entirely focused on updating the lighting, paint, and furnishings. 

Drawing on the owner’s cultural heritage and love of colour, Claudia chose a strong earthy palette for the interiors punctuated with deep jewel tones. 

‘There were lots of velvet in caramels, browns and merlots which were elevated with brass detailing in lights and art, rattan in the chairs, and decorative elements and stone in the furniture pieces,’ says Claudia. ‘This helped to create a very layered feel in a big white airy box.’

Art was an important element of the project, with key works selected to suit the client’s taste rather than a specific location in the home. ‘I always advise people to fall in love with each piece and it will find a natural home. This worked out especially well in this project,’ says Claudia.

The updated home has a warmth and tactility to it, while maintaining its light and airy feeling. ‘It’s a home that has lots of talking points and places to rest the eye. I would say it has a maximalist spirit in a pared back way,’ says Claudia. 

Waverton House showcases a cohesive interior scheme with no hierarchy—just harmonious pieces where each item is complemented.

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