3 Ways to Fold a Blanket

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This article was co-authored by Kerri Christensen. Kerri Christensen is a Cleaning & Organization Specialist and the Owner of Busted Knuckles Cleaning. With more than seven years of cleaning experience, she specializes in helping others make their homes a cleaner place. Kerri holds a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management and Services from Western International University. This article has been viewed 139,792 times.

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Updated: December 24, 2022

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To fold a blanket, start by laying it flat on the floor so that you can reach each corner of the blanket easily. Then, bring the opposite corners of the blanket together to make a lengthwise fold, and smooth out any creases or wrinkles. Once you have a lengthwise fold, bring the opposite corners of the shorter side of the blanket together to make a crosswise fold, and smooth out any creases. You can continue folding the blanket in half to make it smaller, or you can store it as it’s folded. If you want to learn how to decoratively fold your blankets, keep reading the article!

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