25 Worst Carb Foods That are Ruining your Waistline

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Fats are notorious in weight loss circles as a category of foods that can make you obese, but on the contrary, healthy fats are absolutely necessary for shedding weight; the main culprit with regards to obesity is “bad carbs.” Recent papers from NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) advocates cutting down on the wrong kind of carbs from daily diet to prevent diabetes and to boost immunity levels. This particular category of carbs is not good for the waistline because the body tends to convert them into visceral fat (a kind of fat that is stored around the abdomen) which increases the waistline. Bad carbs cause insulin spikes and are considered to be a pre-cursor to many diseases including diabetes and high sugar levels and that’s what makes them the villain when we speak about weight loss. But we are stressing here on “bad carbs,” not any kind of carbs because not all of them are bad for weight loss. Before we go completely low on carbs, this category of food can be further divided into good carbs and bad carbs.

What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy that provides fuel to our body to run its normal day-to-day activities. Carbohydrates are made of sugar, starch and cellulose and when they break down, they release energy. Our body needs – protein, minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fats, and most importantly, carbs to get energy to perform its day-to-day activities. When carbs go missing from our daily diet, the body has plan B or a contingency plan where it switches to an alternate source of fuel, i.e., to burn fat into ketones and utilize them as energy. When carb levels go down, the bodily converts fat available in the body to ketones and take it up as fuel and that’s why “keto diet” is considered as a great way to lose weight.

Carbs are broadly divided into “good” and “bad” carbs category, but they can be broadly categorized as simple and complex carbs. Also, further digging down about carbs – they can be of two types – monosaccharides and disaccharides. Monosaccharides are simple carbs and glucose, galactose, and fructose fall into this group. Glucose is found in sugars and sweets. Fructose is found naturally in vegetables, fruits and honey. Galactose is crucial in the formation of lactose. Disaccharides are sugar molecules with two monosaccharides linked together. They get broken down into separate monosaccharides. Sucrose, maltose, and lactose are disaccharides that get broken down eventually into monosaccharides. Table sugar is made of glucose and fructose. Lactose has glucose and galactose. Maltose, which is found in grains, is made of two glucose molecules.

Sugars: These are simple carbohydrates, often termed as monosaccharides and disaccharides.
Starches: These are complex carbohydrates, also polysaccharides.
Fiber: These are also complex carbohydrates, also polysaccharides.

Why Bad Carbs act as a Roadblock for Losing Weight?

People who eat high carbs and that too bad carbs in their daily diet, have difficulty tapping into stored fat because the body burns the carbs available through diet for energy and fuel primarily and does not get a chance to reach out to glycogen and fat deposits. When there are more carbs and calories in the body, they all get stored as fat throughout the body, leading to obesity and weight gain. Simplifying it down further, carbs, particularly, refined carbs cause sharp blood sugar spikes and the body quickly releases more and more insulin to bring the blood sugar down. Apart from regulating blood sugar, insulin, which is also a fat-storage hormone, triggers creation of new fat cells to store all the extra carbs that have been converted into fat droplets, particularly around the tummy, hip, and thigh area. Here are some worst carb foods that are ruining your waistline and you should be totally avoiding them in your daily diet.

Worst Carb Foods That are Ruining your Waistline:

1. Packaged Breakfast cereals.
2. Potato chips – baked, non-baked, fried, all varieties.
3. Chicken nuggets.
4. White bread.
5. Cakes, candies, chocolates.
6. Refined flour/maida.
7. Polished rice.
8. Packaged fruit juices:
9. French fries.
10. Readymade meals.
11. White pasta.
12. Readymade coffee drinks.
13. Flavoured Greek yogurt.
14. Fizzy drinks/cola.
15. All sweets.
16. Pizza.
17. Cakes/muffins/cookies/biscuits.
18. High-fructose corn syrup.
19. Ice cream
20. Corn flakes
21. Instant oats
22. All highly-processed food.
23. Margarine
24. Sauces and jams.
25. Waffle

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